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25 February 2018
Your baby is 1 week now.

Your baby has several reflexes that are normal for this time. They are the Sucking reflex, which is where they suck when they area around their mouth is touched; the Startle reflex, which is where they pull their arms and legs in after hearing a loud noise; and the Rooting reflex, which is occurs when the baby’s cheek is touched, they will turn their head to the side where the cheek is touched and making sucking motions; the Stepping reflex, which is when supported under the armpits your baby makes stepping movements; the Grasp reflex, which is when your baby’s fingers and toes will be able to grasp your finger very strongly.
You may notice that your baby’s breasts appear to be swollen and may even express a little milk. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. This is just the result of the mother’s hormones that take a little time to clear from the baby’s body.
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  • My baby’s crib might look sparse right now — no blankets or pillows! I use a sleep sack to keep him warm at night.
  • It may just be a reflex, but it’s still the sweetest thing when my baby grabs my finger if I touch his palm. He also has strong opinions — he cries to tell me how he feels! Right now he can only see black and white patterns, not colors, so he likes to look at patterns with strong contrast.
  • I’m in the “fourth trimester,” and I still look pretty pregnant! I’m wearing comfortable clothes, like the maternity pants I wore in the first trimester.
  • I’ve got my baby’s safety kit ready with a digital thermometer, a night light and a nasal aspirator.
  • If I plan to pump, I’ve got a good electric or manual pump. An electric pump is essential if I need to pump full-time; a manual is fine if I’ll only need to pump occasionally.
  • Is my baby getting enough to eat? Sometimes it’s hard to tell! If I’m concerned, I won’t hesitate to ask my pediatrician or lactation consultant.
  • Baby doesn’t get very dirty right now, but I’ve learned how to give him a sponge bath. I won’t be using the baby bath or putting him all the way in the water till after his cord falls off.
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