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23 March 2018
Your baby is 7 week now.

Your baby’s hands are mostly open now and will hold on tightly to what you put in her hands. She will also begin batting at things that are within her reach. Both eyes are able to follow things more consistently now, which allows your baby to track a moving object better. Reading to your baby, using brightly colored books, will improve language and eye development. Babies are able to distinguish between different colors now, but black and white are still the colors they see most easily.
Your baby may have mastered rolling over in one direction this week. Laughter is something you will start to hear more and more of this week. You see your baby’s cognitive development improve a little more this week as they start responding to the world around them. They smile and laugh before eating and may cry at things they don’t like (diaper changes).
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  • When I dangle objects in front of baby, he follows them with his eyes.
  • I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to be able to put baby down when he’s ’s sleepy but still awake. He can sometimes put himself to sleep if I catch him at just the right time!
  • My baby has had her two-month checkup, which included a lot more vaccinations! The two-month vaccination series includes the first dose of rotavirus, the first dose of DTaP, the first dose of Hib, the first dose of PCV13, and the first dose of IPV.
  • I need some mom friends! I’ve joined a neighborhood playgroup, mom class, or other mom’s group so I can get to know other moms and talk about my new life as a mom.
  • I don’t have much time for make-up these days. But I’m getting the hang of putting on a couple of things quickly — some lip gloss and mascara or eyeliner, so I can feel a little dressed up without spending a lot of time.
  • I squeezed back into some of my pre-pregnancy jeans! Sure, they used to be my loose, comfortable jeans, but hey, I’m finally out of maternity clothes! I’ll take it.
  • I’ve thoroughly researched my daycare provider. They have plenty of experience with young babies, they’re certified, and they know infant first aid and CPR.
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