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21 January 2018
Your baby is 8 week now.

With better neck control now, your baby will want to sit up more and more. Sleep habits are getting better and your baby may even be sleeping 6-8 hour stretches at night! To further develop good sleep habits, laying your baby down awake will encourage this. You will notice your baby lose their grasp reflex by now and they will be replacing it with a deliberate grab and hold.
Memories are beginning to be stored for your baby this week. If they see a baby bottle in your hand, they will get excited because they know they will be fed. Hearing begins to noticeably develop. Their developing senses allow them to discriminate between voices, people, tastes and sizes of objects. Look for your baby “tracking” your face with their eyes. This is an important stage of visual development and will lead to other, more advanced skills in focusing. Many babies go through a growth spurt at this age and demand to be fed more frequently.
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  • I scheduled my baby’s 4 month checkup with our pediatrician.
  • If I hold baby up on her feet, she puts some of her weight on her legs. I don’t do this often, because it can affect her hip development, but she just loves it when I do! — it’s like she can’t wait to start standing on her own.
  • Baby is starting to get picky about who holds her {name} — and just when we were feeling ready for a babysitter! She needs time to get to know new people.
  • I’m taking care of my health by keeping caffeine to a minimum and drinking plenty of healthy liquids like water and fresh juice.
  • My partner and I had a heart-to-heart about chores. Between childcare and household jobs, there’s a lot more that needs to be done these days! We talked about how much each of us can do and how we can work as a team.
  • I made a list of emergency contact numbers for babysitters. It includes our cell phone numbers as well as poison control and our pediatrician’s number. I hung it somewhere visible like the fridge or right next to the phone.
  • I’m working on remembering who I am apart from being a mom. I took an hour this week to rest and do something just for me.
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