Baby Checklistweekly to-do list for mom of baby

20 February 2018
Your baby is 3 month 2 week now.

You may notice your baby drooling even more this week. Most babies begin teething around this time. Eyesight has developed significantly and your baby can now see up to about 20 feet away now! Your baby is in more control of her legs now and her kicks are strong and purposeful. Up until now their movements have been control by chance and reflex, but now they are learning to initiate certain movements.
Verbal stimulation is highly important right now; your baby will not be able to repeat the words, but she is storing the information in her developing memory. Be sure you talk to your baby during the day. Her vocabulary is really beginning to expand! Listen for her response in the form of squeals, giggles and coos. The sense of touch is becoming much more sensitive and is a powerful way to increase alertness and attention span.
Keep track of your baby’s growth and your mom to-do list with this handy checklist for baby’s first year.
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