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17 March 2018
Your baby is 7 month 1 week now.

Baby’s tongue thrust reflex may be completely gone, and he or she may display interest in more chunky foods. Teething may make baby fussy, but he or she will be able to express this dismay through noises and expressions. Baby may also be beginning to understand the word “no” and other simple commands.
She's still wrestling with the idea of object permanence, the fact that objects exist even when they’re out-of-sight—which is why she loves to throw food off the highchair tray. If you have several pieces of furniture close together she will often walk around them all practicing cruising. If you are likely to wave hello and good-bye to the people around you, then your little one might pick up on that fun trick.
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  • My baby is going places! She is starting to roll, scoot, and even crawl. Suddenly she is getting into everything! I’ve followed her around the house to spot anything that isn’t safe for a baby to explore, and I’ve made sure everything dangerous is out of reach or securely locked.
  • I don’t have to puree baby’s foods anymore. She can chew well, so I just boil food so it’s soft and mash it with a fork. My baby is practically eating with the family!
  • I’m still careful about which foods I give baby. I wait several days between introducing new foods, and I keep track of what foods she is eating. That way, if baby has an allergic reaction, I’ll know which food caused it.
  • I feel like I’m busy all the time these days, but I try to make time to take care of myself, too. Even a quick shower does wonders for how I feel!
  • I’m making time for some “alone time” with my partner this week. Scheduling it may not be romantic, but it’s the only way to make it happen these days! We both know baby could interrupt, so we’re prepared to be flexible.
  • Now that baby’s mobile, she bumps her head constantly on the floor and on furniture. I know how to recognize a concussion, and I know what signs mean I should call my doctor or take her to the ER.
  • Baby puts everything in her mouth these days, and sometimes I find random things in her diaper a few days later! I know what symptoms would mean something’s stuck in his digestive tract.
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