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23 March 2018
You are on the 13th week of your pregnancy now!

WEEK 13:
Fetal length: 2.91 in.
Fetal weight: 0.81 oz.
Starting in week 13, the proportions of the fetus’s body are changing. His head is not so big compared to his body, as it was in earlier weeks. The fetus becomes much more active, makes a lot of movement, and is now moving around more vigorously inside the amniotic sac, producing small jerky movements of its body and upper limbs rather than simply free-floating.The fetus actively turns his head and moves his arms. He can reach up to his mouth using a finger, and you can see how he sucks his thumb on the ultrasound.
The yolk sac is fast disappearing, and this essential task is taken over by the fetal liver. The chest and abdomen are gradually straightening out, and the intestines, which a few weeks ago were coiled around the umbilical cord in the amniotic cavity, are now firmly behind a closed abdominal wall. The stomach is now linked to the mouth and the intestines.Also, the genital tubercle elongates and a penis forms in boys and a clitoris and labia form in girls.
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  • I’ve signed up for prenatal yoga classes! These are a great way to keep exercising and stretching throughout pregnancy — and they’re good preparation for labor, too.
  • I’m brainstorming baby names. I’ve started to make a list of my favorite names (and a list the names I absolutely won’t consider!) and my partner has, too.
  • No more back or stomach sleeping for me — I’m sleeping only on my left side. (Good thing I already got that pregnancy pillow!)
  • My rugs are pregnancy-proofed. I put non-slip pads under all of them to make sure I don’t slip and fall. (These will be useful when I have a toddler, too!)
  • The Great Diaper Question: cloth or disposable? My partner and I have talked about which we want to do (and we looked into diaper services in our area, too).
  • Secondhand baby gear is the easiest way to get everything I need! I’ve asked friends and family if they have any baby clothes or gear they’re willing to pass on to me. But I know that my crib, carseat, and breast pump should all be new, not used.
  • Baby weight! I’ve gained at least 2-5 pounds at this point — but it’s mostly the baby’s support system, not the baby.
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Week #13
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