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23 January 2018
You are on the 16th week of your pregnancy now!

WEEK 16:
Fetal length: 4.57 in.
Fetal weight: 3.53 oz.
This week, the legs are extended and become longer than the arms. The fetus begins to make new movements – puts fingers and toes in his mouth. This is how he trains to suck and swallow without choking. He has developed the grasping reflex. Now he grasps everything that is near - other arm, legs or the umbilical cord.
The fetus begins to knit his eyebrows and smile. He opens his eyes for the first time and learns how to blink. This week eyelashes have formed. If you happen to have an ultrasound scan at this stage, you may see your baby frowning, grimacing, or even squinting at you. Inside the mouth, taste buds are appearing on the tongue.
The fetus’ kidneys are active and they “swallow” 300-500 ml of amniotic fluid, which is then processed into urine. The urine is released into the amniotic fluid in small amounts almost every hour. The sex organs of the fetus are fully formed and they can be seen on a normal ultrasound.
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  • My hips and lower back are starting to feel sore. Time for a pregnancy massage! — I’ve got one scheduled with a pregnancy-certified masseuse.
  • I’m thinking about meal prep for after baby arrives. I’ve done some research on freezer-ready recipes so I can make double-sized meals now and freeze them for later.
  • Time for some organization! I’ve made a list of projects around the house that I want to finish before baby arrives, and I’m working on them when I have the energy. It’s never too early to start nesting, right?
  • My blood changes a lot during pregnancy. It’s common for pregnancy to cause blood clots to form in blood vessels, so my doctor has talked with me about my personal risk level and what I can do to prevent DVT.
  • I’m really starting to feel like I’m pregnant now, which can be scary! I’m taking time every day to relieve stress. Even if I only have a minute to relax and take a deep breath, I make sure I do it. And if I have down time, I use it to relax with TV or a book instead of trying to be productive all the time.
  • I’ve started exercises that are specifically good for labor positions — especially squatting. I’m squatting every day to strengthen my leg muscles, even if it’s just a few minutes in the evening.
  • If I’m pregnant with twins, my provider has scheduled an additional ultrasound.
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Week #16
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