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23 January 2018
You are on the 21th week of your pregnancy now!

WEEK 21:
Fetal length: 10.51 in.
Fetal weight: 12.70 oz.
The body of the fetus is covered in a white, creamy lubricant. It is formed from fallen lanugo hair, skin cells and sebum. This lubricant fills in the folds of skin, mostly protecting it from the irritating effects of the amniotic fluid in which the fetus will be in up to the birth.
The fetus starts to receive antibodies from the mother that will protect him from those infections that she may have in her body – the passive immunity is formed. All the organs of the endocrine system are functioning now – the pituitary, pineal, adrenals, pancreas, thyroid and parathyroid glands. They secrete hormones necessary for normal growth and development. By 21 weeks, the vestibular apparatus is formed.
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  • I finished choosing our nursery furniture! I’ve got a crib, a changing table, and a dresser.
  • My fingers are starting to swell, and by the end of the day, it’s really hard to get my rings off. I’ve figured out a solution: either I’ve temporarily stopped wearing my rings, or I’ve had them resized.
  • I’ve thought about what role I want my partner to play during the baby’s birth, and I’ve talked with him about it. He’s ready to hold my hand, massage my back, and even cut the cord.
  • My partner and I have talked about the big C: circumcision. Unless we know we’re having a girl, we’ve talked about the pros and cons and agreed on a plan.
  • Hello, baby! I’ve talked to my baby today (and he sort of talked back…he kicked!).
  • I’ve chosen my childbirth class! I signed up for the childbirth class at my hospital — or for private classes if I decided I prefer that.
  • Zoo animals, cars, fairies, sheep? I’ve picked my nursery theme and colors! I can’t wait to start decorating.
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Week #21
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