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19 February 2018
You are on the 22th week of your pregnancy now!

WEEK 22:
Fetal length: 10.94 in.
Fetal weight: 15.17 oz.
At 22 weeks, the fetus’ fat continues to build up under the skin. It gradually smooth’s, and the numerous folds and wrinkles disappear. Eyelashes are clearly visible on the eyelids, and eyebrows above the eyes are present. The fetus will periodically open and close his eyes, “slamming” fluffy eyelashes.
All the nerve cells (neurons) have formed in the brain. The fetus becomes interested in his own body; he touches his face with one hand, stroking the other arm or leg, etc. He is already feeling the position of his body parts in the uterus.
The liver begins to synthesize the enzymes that convert toxins from indirect bilirubin (formed by the breakdown of hemoglobin) into harmless direct bilirubin, which is excreted from the body. If a baby is born prematurely, his liver will not yet be able to completely neutralize the indirect bilirubin. Thus, it has a toxic effect on the body of the newborn, which requires treatment.
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  • I’ve found out whether I’m eligible for Family and Medical Leave Act leave. If I’ve worked at least 1,250 hours for my employer in the past 12 months and I work within 75 miles of 50 or more company employees, then I qualify.
  • I’m nailing down my plans for work after baby comes. I’ve figured out how many hours of childcare I need per week, including my travel time to and from work, and I’ve planned my budget for childcare.
  • I’m getting enough calcium and potassium! I’m getting calcium from a glass of milk before bed, a handful of almonds, or a kale-and-pineapple breakfast smoothie. I’m also enjoying potassium-rich snacks like grapefruits, oranges and bananas.
  • I want to spend some time with my girlfriends before arranging childcare becomes essential for an evening out. I’ve scheduled some time with friends I haven’t seen lately.
  • I’m adding a few more pills to my daily supplement regime. In addition to my prenatal vitamins, I’ve started taking DHA and fish oil every day to help my baby’s brain development.
  • My mother’s and grandmother’s experiences in labor could predict what mine will be like, so I’ve talked with my mom and grandma about their birth experiences. If nothing else, it gave me the chance to hear some fun family stories.
  • I’ve called my health insurance and found out what’s covered for my baby’s birth. I also double-checked if my provider is in-network.
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Week #22
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