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21 March 2018
You are on the 35th week of your pregnancy now!

WEEK 35:
Fetal length: 18.19 in.
Fetal weight: 5.25 lbs.
Your baby continue to gain weight steadily during the final stage of pregnancy, almost entirely due to more fat being laid down under the skin, around the muscles, and around some of the abdominal organs. The lungs are now fully mature, and the baby continues to produce large quantities of cortisol to provide plenty of surfactant in the lungs and make sure that the transition to breathing air in the outside world goes smoothly.
The heart is beating at a rate of 110-150 beats per minute.
In the intestine, a certain amount of meconium (feces original) accumulates. It is composed of dead skin cells, remnants of lanugo hair, and secretions from the baby’s bowel, liver, and gall bladder. This meconium plug will normally be passed in the first few days of life, but if your baby becomes distressed or frightened before delivery, it may have a bowel action into the amniotic fluid.
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  • My prenatals are every week now. My calendar is full of them — I’ve got them scheduled through week 41, just in case. My doctor also scheduled my Group B strep test.
  • I’m prepared for any emergency! I’ve put together a baby first-aid kit and emergency kit.
  • “False” labor or real? Nothing feels false about these Braxton-Hicks contractions! But I’ve talked with my doctor, and I know how to tell the difference between pre-labor contractions and the “real thing.” (Hint: if a warm bath makes it stop, it’s not time to head to the hospital yet.)
  • I need a lot of calories right now, but my stomach barely has any space — I can only eat a few bites at one time. So I’ve adjusted my schedule to make time for 5-7 meals instead of 3. Basically, it’s always time for a snack.
  • I gave a friend or neighbor our house key and instructions on how to take care of our pets while we’re gone.
  • We finally agreed on our baby’s middle name. Whew. Ready to fill in the birth certificate!
  • I’ve got my labor plan written down, and I hung it somewhere my partner will be able to find it (even if he’s freaking out). It lists who to call, how to arrange pet sitting or childcare, and how to get to the hospital or birth center.
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Week #35
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