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21 March 2018
You are on the 38th week of your pregnancy now!

WEEK 38:
Fetal length: 19.61 in.
Fetal weight: 6.80 lbs.
By the end of the 38th week all fetal organs and systems are ready for life outside the mother's body. From this point the fetus begins to prepare for birth.
This week, adrenal glands have significantly increased in size. They produce hormones that are responsible for the body’s response to stress. Digestive glands, which are located in the mucosa of the stomach and intestines, begin to secrete enzymes. The newborn will need them to digest food.
Cartilages of the nose and ears have become tight and elastic. Nails on the fingers and toes of the fetus are now long. But due to permanent residence in the fluid, nails are soft and break easily.
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  • I’ve been reading about newborn care, and I know how to take care of the umbilical cord stump. It turns out my baby’s first bath won’t happen for a while — we’ll be doing sponge baths till the cord stump falls off.
  • I read about the stages of labor and pain relief options during each one. I even know how each stage of labor is likely to affect my emotional state. (Best tip: when I feel like I just can’t do it any longer, that means labor is almost over!)
  • I’ve put the finishing touches on the nursery. If there’s any gear or furniture I haven’t already assembled, then I’ve asked my partner or a friend to put them together now.
  • I’m having a scheduled C-section, which means I’m probably meeting my baby this week! I know what to expect, and I know how to take care of myself after surgery.
  • Like I didn’t have enough aches already, now I’ve been experiencing numbness or tingling in my pelvis. It’s caused by the pressure of all that weight. Fortunately, it’ll go away soon!
  • I’ve learned about ways to bond with my baby after she arrives. I can’t wait to cuddle her!
  • I’ve double-checked my transportation plans for when labor starts. If my partner’s not here to drive me, I have a back-up way to get to the hospital.
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Week #38
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