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17 March 2018
You are on the 7th week of your pregnancy now!

At 7 weeks, the embryo weights less than  0.04 oz.and is about 0.5 in length. The head continues to grow more rapidly than other part of the body in order to accommodate the developing brain. The back of the head grows at a faster rate than the front. A neck is appearing, the back is straighter, and the tail is disappearing.
The primitive eyes and ears are developing rapidly. The trachea begins to stretch and expand, shaping the future bronchi. The adrenal glands are developing.
Further miraculous changes are happening as your baby’s limbs take shape. The folds of skin making up limb buds condense and form cartilage, which will later develop into hard bones. These cartilaginous limb buds grow rapidly and wrists and paddle-shaped hands can soon be identified.
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  • I’ve scheduled my first prenatal visit! This visit will probably involve a prenatal blood panel, which includes my blood type, rubella titer, blood counts, HIV antibody, and screening for hepatitis and syphilis.
  • I’m not eating cold leftovers anymore. If I eat ready-made meals, I heat them till they’re piping hot all the way through before eating.
  • I may not get much sleep after baby arrives, so I’m making sure to get at least 8 hours a night right now.
  • I never leave home without a snack! I keep nonperishable food like sealed crackers or nuts in my purse at all times. (It’s good practice for later when I’ll have a hungry toddler.)
  • My belly’s not really showing, but it’s definitely starting to feel bloated. I’m wearing loose pants like yoga pants or using a hair tie to hold my jeans without needing to fasten them all the way.
  • It’s a lot harder to motivate myself to exercise these days, so I’ve signed up for a group exercise class that’s safe for pregnancy like water aerobics or pregnancy yoga.
  • I’m planning my maternity leave. I know how much time I want to take off, and I’m thinking about my career options after baby is here.
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Week #7
Keep track of all the things you need to do over the 7 week with this handy checklist
    From prenatal tests to your baby registry to last-minute “me” time, we’ve got you covered. This WEEK-BY-WEEK PREGNANCY CHECKLIST will help keep you on track with all the things you need to learn and do as you prep for baby. Each week, take a look at your tasks, check yes or no, and then connect with other moms whose answers were similar to yours.