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18 March 2018
You are on the 8th week of your pregnancy now!

Embryo’s length: about 0.63 in.
Embryo’s weight: less than 0.04 oz.
During the 8th week of life, the embryo is characterized by its intense growth. The body gradually begins to straighten (at 7 weeks it had an arched shape). The head, torso and limbs are much more visibly clear. The central tube is now differentiating into the brain and spinal cord. The nerve cells multiply rapidly, aided by support cells called glial cells, and migrate along pathways into the brain, where they connect with each other and become active. The embryo makes more active movements and periodically changes its position in the uterus.
In the beginning of the 8th week, the nostrils, auricles, and eyes are shaped. The middle ear, which will become responsible for both balance and hearing, is formed. Formation of heart chambers, kidneys and bladder are completed.At 8 weeks the utero-placental circulation is fully functioning.
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  • Omega-3s are great for my baby’s growing brain! I’m eating two meals of fish a week —but I’m avoiding fish that’s high in mercury.
  • I haven't announced my news publicly yet, but I’ve told a few close family and friends.
  • I had my first ultrasound — and I saw my baby’s heartbeat! Everything feels so much more real now.
  • My doctor gave me information about prenatal care and tests. I read it all!
  • My joints and tendons are starting to feel loose. I’m taking time every day to stretch — carefully.
  • I’ve thought about whether I want to do any optional genetic tests. My partner and I talked about our feelings and options on genetic testing.
  • I’m choosing paint colors for the nursery, but I’m avoiding the toxic chemicals in paint. Oil-based paints, polyurethane, spray paints, turpentine, paint removers, and plaster dust are all off-limits, so I’m getting out of the house during any pre-baby renovations.
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Week #8
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