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Diana is already on 48 week of pregnancy!
Diana is already on 47 week of pregnancy!
Diana is already on 46 week of pregnancy!
Diana is already on 45 week of pregnancy!
Diana is already on 44 week of pregnancy!
Diana is already on 43 week of pregnancy!
Diana is already on 42 week of pregnancy!
Diana is already on 41 week of pregnancy!
Diana is already on 40 week of pregnancy!
1. I’m loading up on protein like a bodybuilder! After all, I am building a body — a whole new one. I’m eating lots of pasteurized dairy, nuts, eggs, and beans.
2. My belly isn’t really stretching yet, but it’s not too early to think about preventing stretch marks. I’m using a vitamin E oil daily. 
3. Midwife or obstetrician? I’ve researched the care providers in my town, and I’ve thought about whether I want to stay with my usual provider or find a new one to attend my birth. 
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4. I’m paying attention to my body and staying comfortable. This means I change positions — I try not to sit or stand for long periods, and I put my feet up when I can.
5. I’ve had my first trimester screen! — it’s between the 11th and 13th week of pregnancy.
6. I’ve started buying maternity clothes. Hey, it’s the best excuse possible for a new wardrobe! 
7. I’ve had a heart-to-heart with my partner. We’ve talked about questions and concerns we have about having a child.
1. My calendar is full of prenatal visits — I’ve got one scheduled every two weeks for the next 8 weeks.
2. I had my baby shower, and it was great! I got almost everything I need. Now I just need to beg my favorite relatives to buy the last few things.
3. Sitting in the car is starting to get uncomfortable, but I’m staying safe when I drive. I wear my seat belt between my breasts and under my belly bump to help keep the pressure off my stomach.
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4. Now is a great time to indulge myself and take care of my body, so that’s exactly what I did! I spent a day at the spa getting pregnancy-safe services — and I loved every second of it.
5. If I’m Rh negative, I’ve had my first dose of Rhlg, or RhoGAM. This will ensure that if my baby is Rh positive, my body doesn’t make antibodies to my baby’s blood. 
6. I know newborns don’t sleep much, and even families who plan to keep baby in the nursery sometimes end up cosleeping out of sheer exhaustion. My partner and I have talked about our thoughts on cosleeping, and we’ve thought about how we’ll handle night wak
7. Time to start counting kicks! I’ve started taking a few minutes every day to pay attention to my baby’s movements so I know what his normal patterns are. If I notice any changes, I’ll talk to my doctor.
1. I sent out invitations to my baby shower! (or I had my hostess do it.) I made sure to include information about my baby registry.
2. I may be exercising less these days, but I know I still need to eat enough. I’ve been making sure to eat whenever I feel hungry. I’m staying healthy by choosing healthy food, not by limiting calories. 
3. My partner and I have figured out our family budget! We’ve planned our finances for baby’s first year and figured out how to afford all the baby stuff we’ll need.
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4. My office chair is getting uncomfortable. I’ve bought an exercise ball to sit on instead, at least for part of the day. Bonus: bouncing on an exercise ball is great during labor!
5. My partner and I have both rewritten our wills. We’ve added baby as a beneficiary, and we’ve made the big decision about who will take care of our child if something happens to us.
6. We’ve taken our baby moon! My partner and I went on our last wild, carefree, baby-free vacation. (Or as wild as you can be when you’re 25 weeks pregnant.) 
7. I’m taking one small step toward better sleep: I stop drinking water about an hour before bed. I’m hoping this will cut down my midnight bathroom breaks to just one or two a night.
1. I’m lining up my postpartum help. I’ve talked with friends and family, and I’ve scheduled people to help with house cleaning and meals after baby arrives. I want to make sure I can get all the rest I need to recover after giving birth.
2. I had my glucose screening to test for gestational diabetes. Drinking sugar water for breakfast is not as much fun as it sounds!
3. I’m trying to take good care of my back. I’ve stopped lifting anything heavy, and I’m trying to sit up straight and practice good posture. I’ve also quit wearing high heels — I’ve got a comfortable pair of flats instead. 
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4. I’m making space for my new maternity wardrobe. I went through my clothes and put all my skinny jeans in storage for a while. I know it will probably take me at least nine months to lose the baby weight!
5. Kick kick kick! Just a few weeks ago I was waiting to feel my baby’s first movement, but now it’s becoming constant. I’ve started feeling regular, definite movements, and I’m trying to get used to falling asleep while my tummy is wiggling.
6. I’ve started trying a delicious trick to prevent heartburn: I’m eating a vanilla milkshake every day.
7. My baby is already starting to disturb my sleep, so I’ve thought about my philosophy on sleep training. My partner and I have talked about where we want baby to sleep for the first few months, whether we want to sleep train once our doctor says baby is old enough, and what method (if any) we want to use. 
1. I’ve thought about whether I want a labor or postpartum doula. If I do, I’ve gotten recommendations from friends and set up some interviews with possible doulas.
2. My baby registry is finished! I’ve picked out everything I need for baby — or at least almost everything. I’ve double-checked it with a few experienced mom friends to make sure I’m not forgetting any essentials.
3. I’ve researched ways to prevent varicose veins, and I’m doing my best to exercise regularly to improve circulation, avoid standing for long periods, and put my feet up every day.
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4. Sorry, honey — I’ve been losing my temper with my partner a lot more than usual. But we’ve talked about how I really feel, and he understands (sort of) that pregnancy hormones have me on an emotional roller coaster these days.
5. I’ve ordered my cord blood kit if I plan to bank my baby’s blood. I’ll read through the instructions and make sure I understand them as soon as it arrives.
6. My partner and I talked with our doctor about our options for cutting the baby’s cord. We know the pros and cons of immediate vs. delayed cord clamping, and we’ve decided on our plan.
7. My job involves a lot of sitting down (and I’ll be honest: I’m not complaining!), but I’m making sure to stand up and stretch at least once an hour and walk around the office when I can. 
1. I bought a baby book for footprints and pictures, and I added it to my hospital bag.
2. I’ve been walking a lot to try to help labor start. I’m climbing stairs as much as I can, even though they’re uncomfortable and I usually have to stop for a break halfway up! 
3. I learned about episiotomies, and I talked to my doctor about whether it’s likely that I’ll need one.
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4. I know which screening tests my hospital normally gives newborns, and I understand what they all mean.
5. I’ve doubled checked my hospital bag to make sure I have everything I need packed. I added a few more items, just in case.
6. I’ve charged the batteries on my camera, phone, and any other electronics I want to bring to the hospital. I’ve also packed a spare charger in my bag.
7. I got my hair cut — last chance before baby arrives! Now at least my hair will look good in my hospital pictures. 
1. I’m keeping up my exercise routine, but I’m not overdoing it. If I’ve been exercising regularly, then I’ve adjusted my routine to make it safe for pregnancy.
2. I’m saving money! I’ve looked through my budget and figured out where I can start saving cash for baby gear and clothes.
3. I’ve found a way to connect with other moms who are due around the same time as me so I can talk about pregnancy with women who are in the same stage as me.
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4. I’ve been spending a lot more time in the bathroom. From morning sickness (which, let’s be honest, can last all day!) to the frequent urge to pee, I’m definitely feeling pregnant now.
5. I’m exhausted. Pregnancy tiredness is often worst during the first trimester, so I've cleared some space in my schedule for regular naps whenever possible. 
6. Time to start planning maternity leave! I haven’t talked to my boss yet, but I’ve thought about how late into pregnancy I want to keep working.
7. I’m eating plenty of greens and vegetables, and I always make sure I wash them well to get rid of any soil or germs.
1. I got my first big indication of pregnancy: my period is late!
2. Today’s the big day! I took a pregnancy test and got a Big Fat Positive. I’m officially pregnant! 
3. I called my obstetrician or midwife, and my first prenatal visit is on the calendar.
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4. I’ve got my list of questions for my first prenatal visit. I wrote down any special concerns or issues I want to discuss with my doctor. 
5. I’m keeping out of hot water. No hot tubs or saunas, and I’m setting the water to body temperature for baths and showers.
6. I’m stocking up on foods that can help with morning sickness or nausea. My pantry is full of bland carbs like crackers and dry cereals.
7. I’ve pregnancy-proofed my medicine cabinet! I separated medicines that are safe during pregnancy from those that aren’t, and I’ve printed out a handy list so I don’t have to look medicines up when I’m feeling sick.
1. I’m staying hydrated! I drink at least 64 ounces of water a day (that’s 8 glasses that are 8 oz each). I know that by the time I feel thirsty, I’m already dehydrated, so I’m keeping a full water bottle with me all the time and sipping it throughout the day.
2. I got my last hair color, and if all goes well, I won’t be dyeing my hair again for 9 months.
3. I saw spotting! Since it’s not time for my period yet, there’s a good chance this was implantation bleeding.
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4. I’m starting to notice signs of early pregnancy. My breasts are sore, and I’m more tired and sleepy than normal. I’m catching naps whenever I can! 
5. Even though I don’t know for sure yet if I’m pregnant, it’s not too early to start taking prenatal vitamins! I’m taking 400-800 mcg a day of folic acid, which is essential in early pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.
6. I’ve suddenly developed a superhuman sense of smell. Things I never noticed before are making me gag.
7. Could I be pregnant with multiples? Right now it’s too early to tell, but I’ve thought about how I would feel and how I would handle it if I get doubly lucky. 
1. An ovulation predictor kit will tell me exactly when I’m ovulating more accurately than the calendar. I’ve bought my ovulation predictor kit and I know how to use it!  
2. An appointment with my doctor will give me a chance to talk about my personal health history and anything that might affect my plans to conceive. My appointment is scheduled, and I’ve got a list of questions I want to discuss. 
3. I know most couples need at least 3 months of trying to get pregnant, so I’m not holding my breath yet. I don’t need to think about seeing a specialist until I’ve been trying for 6-12 months.
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4. I’m not waiting till I get a positive pregnancy test to quit drinking and smoking. Especially during the two weeks after possible conception and before I test, I’m turning down that glass of wine, just to be safe. 
5. I’m not letting the “two-week wait” stress me out. I’m starting a fun project or scheduling time with friends to keep me busy and help me relax while I’m waiting to find out if I’m pregnant. 
6. I’m aware of any medical conditions I have that might affect my pregnancy. I’ll ask my doctor about any medications I’m taking (for conditions like asthma, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, obesity, thyroid disease, or epilepsy) to make sure they’re safe for pregnancy. 
7. I’m having sex frequently — before, during, and after ovulation. (And I’m enjoying it!)
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