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Mary Ellis answered to:
Baby Checklist. Month 10 Week 2
1. I’m getting tired of all our baby books, so I’m buying a couple of new ones this week — fun ones with colors and textures that baby will love to touch and explore. Reading books together at this age will help baby develop a lifelong love of reading!
2. Baby might be able to stand, stoop and even squat without help now! Silas is practicing balancing without holding onto anything.
3. I know how to take care of baby’s skin. I have good, nontoxic sunscreen, and and I know how to treat insect bites or stings. Baby and I are ready for good weather and lots of time outside!
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4. My partner and I are doing a puzzle together in the evenings after baby is in bed. Before we go to bed, we make sure to move the puzzle somewhere baby can’t reach it — under the couch, or on top of a table.
5. My partner and I joined a community class or activity like a bowling league or a dance class. This will give us a chance to regularly spend time out with friends.
6. Baby gets fussy at the end of the day, so I try to take Silas out for a walk in the stroller every evening before dinner. Bonus: we meet my partner as he’s on his way home.
7. Baby is starting to enjoy toys that let him imitate real life. Silas loves to “call” me on his toy phone and drink from his toy tea set! These kinds of toys help baby learn about the world.
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