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Kas is already on 42 week of pregnancy!
Kas is already on 41 week of pregnancy!
Kas is already on 40 week of pregnancy!
Kas is already on 39 week of pregnancy!
Kas is already on 38 week of pregnancy!
Kas is already on 37 week of pregnancy!
1. I talked with some experienced mom friends to make sure I’ve done everything I need to prepare for baby. I’m considered full-term this week, so baby could come any time!
2. I’ve talked with my religious community leader and finalized plans for our religious ceremony after baby is here!
3. I packed an extra bag of things to keep my partner and me entertained in the hospital, like magazines and crossword puzzles. I know that sometimes labor is a long waiting game.
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4. The baby dropped! I can really see how my bump moved lower in my abdomen. Also, I feel like my baby is sitting right on top of my cervix now, which is the weirdest feeling ever. I think I’m done walking for a while, other than walking from my chair to the bathroom.
5. Diaper practice! My partner and I both know how to change a diaper. Thanks, YouTube.
6. I’ve made a dentist appointment to check my gums again before baby comes. I’m hoping baby waits long enough that I don’t have to cancel it! 
7. I wrote down my list of people who’ll be the first to know when labor starts and put it in my partner’s hospital bag. It includes phone numbers and emails so he can send an email and make phone calls to let everyone know when the baby is here! 
Kas is already on 36 week of pregnancy!
1. My prenatals are every week now. My calendar is full of them — I’ve got them scheduled through week 41, just in case. My doctor also scheduled my Group B strep test. 
2. I’m prepared for any emergency! I’ve put together a baby first-aid kit and emergency kit.
3. “False” labor or real? Nothing feels false about these Braxton-Hicks contractions! But I’ve talked with my doctor, and I know how to tell the difference between pre-labor contractions and the “real thing.” (Hint: if a warm bath makes it stop, it’s not time to head to the hospital yet.) 
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4. I need a lot of calories right now, but my stomach barely has any space — I can only eat a few bites at one time. So I’ve adjusted my schedule to make time for 5-7 meals instead of 3. Basically, it’s always time for a snack. 
5. I gave a friend or neighbor our house key and instructions on how to take care of our pets while we’re gone. 
6. We finally agreed on our baby’s middle name. Whew. Ready to fill in the birth certificate!
7. I’ve got my labor plan written down, and I hung it somewhere my partner will be able to find it (even if he’s freaking out). It lists who to call, how to arrange pet sitting or childcare, and how to get to the hospital or birth center.
Kas is already on 35 week of pregnancy!
Kas is already on 34 week of pregnancy!
Kas is already on 33 week of pregnancy!
1. An ovulation predictor kit will tell me exactly when I’m ovulating more accurately than the calendar. I’ve bought my ovulation predictor kit and I know how to use it!  
2. An appointment with my doctor will give me a chance to talk about my personal health history and anything that might affect my plans to conceive. My appointment is scheduled, and I’ve got a list of questions I want to discuss. 
3. I know most couples need at least 3 months of trying to get pregnant, so I’m not holding my breath yet. I don’t need to think about seeing a specialist until I’ve been trying for 6-12 months.
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4. I’m not waiting till I get a positive pregnancy test to quit drinking and smoking. Especially during the two weeks after possible conception and before I test, I’m turning down that glass of wine, just to be safe. 
5. I’m not letting the “two-week wait” stress me out. I’m starting a fun project or scheduling time with friends to keep me busy and help me relax while I’m waiting to find out if I’m pregnant. 
6. I’m aware of any medical conditions I have that might affect my pregnancy. I’ll ask my doctor about any medications I’m taking (for conditions like asthma, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, obesity, thyroid disease, or epilepsy) to make sure they’re safe for pregnancy. 
7. I’m having sex frequently — before, during, and after ovulation. (And I’m enjoying it!)