In 1995 I Mrs. Lisa Griffin was pregnant with twins girls but my mom made me get 2 abortions and I was sad at that time. But in 1998 we had our daughter Sabrina griffin back then and now she'll be 18 yrs old on DEC. 15th,2016. And had miss Katy griffin on April 30th, 2010. And Katy griffin born bli…

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Alyssa's 7 months

my name is lisa griffin and I say no to this idea .lmg

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hmm I didn't a lot of snacks with my son. I don't like giving him the same snack everyday. I first started with cheerios to hel…

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I put a swimming jacket on my son til age 5. One day he said "I don't want to wear a life jacket anymore, I'm a big kid no…

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