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Anna is already on 42 week of pregnancy!
Anna is already on 41 week of pregnancy!
Anna is already on 40 week of pregnancy!
Anna is already on 39 week of pregnancy!
1. Could I be nesting already? I’ve organized old files, cleaned out the storage closet, and put away things like old photographs. 
2. I’m researching childcare. If I plan to go back to work after baby, I’ve decided whether I want to use a daycare or a nanny, and I’ve looked into the choices in my area.
3. My body needs a lot of iron to make all the extra blood I need during pregnancy. My doctor tested my iron levels to make sure they’re not low.
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4. Boy or girl? My partner and I have talked about whether we want to find out in an ultrasound or wait till later for the big reveal. 
5. I’m aware of my work environment and how it might affect my baby. I’m avoiding toxic chemicals, heavy loads, or standing for long periods.
6. My baby will be able to hear me soon! I’ve already started talking to my baby and playing my favorite tunes for him.
7. If I want an amniocentesis, I’ve talked to my doctor, and it’s scheduled it for between weeks 14 and 20.
1. I’ve been reading about newborn care, and I know how to take care of the umbilical cord stump. It turns out my baby’s first bath won’t happen for a while — we’ll be doing sponge baths till the cord stump falls off.
2. I read about the stages of labor and pain relief options during each one. I even know how each stage of labor is likely to affect my emotional state. (Best tip: when I feel like I just can’t do it any longer, that means labor is almost over!)
3. I’ve put the finishing touches on the nursery. If there’s any gear or furniture I haven’t already assembled, then I’ve asked my partner or a friend to put them together now.
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4. I’m having a scheduled C-section, which means I’m probably meeting my baby this week! I know what to expect, and I know how to take care of myself after surgery.
5. Like I didn’t have enough aches already, now I’ve been experiencing numbness or tingling in my pelvis. It’s caused by the pressure of all that weight. Fortunately, it’ll go away soon!
6. I’ve learned about ways to bond with my baby after she arrives. I can’t wait to cuddle her!
7. I’ve double-checked my transportation plans for when labor starts. If my partner’s not here to drive me, I have a back-up way to get to the hospital.
Anna is already on 38 week of pregnancy!
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