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Baby Checklist. Month 10 Week 1
1. I’ve started planning for baby’s first birthday! This party is more for me than for Bailee, so I might just plan a small family-only party — or I might plan a big bash with all my mom friends. Either way, I’ll keep it short so it doesn’t interfere with naptime!
2. Baby might be getting really good at “cruising” — walking around the room while holding the furniture for balance.
3. My baby really understands “no” now — and Bailee doesn’t like it much! Bailee gets frustrated when I tell Bailee no. I try to gently redirect Bailee so Bailee gets interested in something else.
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4. If I feel frustrated with my partner or with myself as a mom, I write it down in a journal. This can help me process my emotions and get a better perspective. If I don’t like writing, I can do the same by sketching a picture. I’m not trying to make great art — this is just to help me to get my feelings out.
5. I’ve learned a pro mom style tip: eye highlighter under my eyes helps me look more awake. Hey, even if I feel sleepy, I don’t have to look that way!
6. Baby is mostly sleeping all night, but I’ve been staying up late after bedtime to get stuff done! This week, I’ll make a point of going to bed early — not long after baby’s bedtime — so I can get more sleep.
7. When baby babbles at me, I respond as if Bailee is really talking. This will help Bailee develop confidence as Bailee learns to speak!
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I always said I wanted to stay home with her at least she was able to talk? What do you guys thing?

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Well, ladies... I am going through divorce now and i have no family here not any real friends, and my poor little daughter who …

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I will admit, I have been known to steal sweat pants. Yup, awful I know.

Am I the only one to steal clothing from my significa…

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