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Pregnancy Checklist. Week #36
1. I talked with some experienced mom friends to make sure I’ve done everything I need to prepare for baby. I’m considered full-term this week, so baby could come any time!
2. I’ve talked with my religious community leader and finalized plans for our religious ceremony after baby is here!
3. I packed an extra bag of things to keep my partner and me entertained in the hospital, like magazines and crossword puzzles. I know that sometimes labor is a long waiting game.
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4. The baby dropped! I can really see how my bump moved lower in my abdomen. Also, I feel like my baby is sitting right on top of my cervix now, which is the weirdest feeling ever. I think I’m done walking for a while, other than walking from my chair to the bathroom.
5. Diaper practice! My partner and I both know how to change a diaper. Thanks, YouTube.
6. I’ve made a dentist appointment to check my gums again before baby comes. I’m hoping baby waits long enough that I don’t have to cancel it! 
7. I wrote down my list of people who’ll be the first to know when labor starts and put it in my partner’s hospital bag. It includes phone numbers and emails so he can send an email and make phone calls to let everyone know when the baby is here! 
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