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Tara is already on 42 week of pregnancy!
Tara is already on 41 week of pregnancy!
Tara is already on 40 week of pregnancy!
Tara is already on 39 week of pregnancy!
Tara is already on 38 week of pregnancy!
1. There are plenty of things that can wait till after baby arrives, but there are two things I’ll need plenty of supplies for from day one: feeding and diapering. I’ve got enough supplies lined up and organized for a month of both.
2. I’ve been practicing relaxing and breathing techniques. Whenever I have a pre labor contraction, I use it as an opportunity to practice labor relaxation.
3. My doctor did a pelvis exam to see if I’m starting to dilate or efface. However, I know this doesn’t predict when labor will start or how long it will take, so I’m trying not to worry about it.
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4. I lost my mucus plug! Labor could start any minute! I’m trying not to hold my breath.
5. We touched base with our childcare providers for older kids. Both our main babysitter and our back-up babysitter are officially on call! 
6. If it’s winter right now, then I’ve learned how to safely wrap my baby to keep him warm without overheating him. My rule of thumb: baby needs one more layer than I’m wearing to be comfortable.
7. I’ve been practicing with my stroller! I know how to fold it, brake it, and adjust the handle for different users. 
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