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I am so burnt out on having the same side dishes over and over. I need inspiration, desperately. Help!

What are your favorite …

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Ugh! I hate having to figure out what to have for dinner. I can never think of something good and I always end up just settling…

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Mamas.. can you name one thing you wish you could get back or do over when your babies were TEENY TINY? Like newly home from th…

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If you could go back.. go to school for something, go to special training for something.. or just choose a different career pat…

1. Baby used to love meeting new people, but now Jaxon is scared of strangers. I don’t force Jaxon to go to unfamiliar people, and if I need a new sitter, I spend some time letting baby get comfortable with the new person while I’m still around.
2. Baby loves to use Jaxon’s fingers. Jaxon reaches for and grasps toys — and also my clothes and jewelry.
3. If I didn’t already have one, I got baby a play gym. Jaxon loves playing on the floor and reaching for all the interesting dangling toys!
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4. When we get a new toy, I show it to baby so we can explore it together. I show Jaxon the buttons to push and levers to pull to make things happen. Jaxon likes watching me play with the toys, but Jaxon loves playing with them herself even more.
5. I’m getting better sleep these days, but I’m still exhausted. I’m starting a vitamin B supplement to help my energy levels, and I make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
6. Baby’s toys are taking up more space. I got some baskets and shelves to organize our new collection!
7. I’ve started babyproofing! I covered all electrical outlets and made sure any tall furniture is fastened to the wall. I also moved any cleaners or poisonous materials to high, locked cabinets.
1. Baby is taking two naps a day, which is important for Jaxon’s development. Jaxon’s sleep pattern is pretty predictable, so I can finally plan around naptime! I nap too sometimes, but on days when I have energy, I catch up on housework.
2. Baby and I have fabulous conversations these days! True, his {name’s side of the conversation is just babbling, but I respond as if we’re talking. This will encourage language development and help baby learn conversation patterns.
3. Baby can hold head up well and sit without help. Jaxon loves to look in the mirror and smile at himself — Jaxon thinks it’s a friend to play with! Jaxon is starting to discover body parts, too — Jaxon’s own fingers and toes are Jaxon’s favorite toys.
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4. I’m finally getting some “me” time! When baby is napping or playing independently, I take some time for myself. I might even start to rediscover some old hobbies.
5. Sometime this week, I’ll sit down, put my feet up, and enjoy a relaxing drink — maybe a cup of tea, a fruit smoothie, or even a glass of wine.
6. Being a mom is fun, but sometimes it’s overwhelming. When I feel exhausted and overwhelmed, I take a minute to close my eyes, relax my muscles, and breathe deep.
7. I eat between 8 and 12 ounces of seafood a week (cooked — not sushi). Omega-3s are good brain food, and I need all the help I can get!
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1. I’m totally baby’s favorite. Jaxon laughs and smiles when I come into the room and cries when I leave. It breaks my heart, but it also makes me feel like the most important person in the world!
2. Without knowing, I may do something silly that tickles her funny bone and out come the first chuckles. These are priceless sounds that I want to hear again and again.
3. I never, ever leave baby on a bed, changing table, or any other high surface. Now that Jaxon is rolling, it’s even more important that I always follow this safety rule.
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4. I think it’s time for another date night. I’ll try to find a babysitter this week so my partner and I can go out for a little while, even if it’s just for a quick coffee.
5. If I don’t already have a nasal aspirator, I’ll get one this week. Baby’s first cold is probably coming soon, if Jaxon hasn’t had one already!
6. My partner and I are making time for sex again, but things are a little different these days. If I’m breastfeeding, it’s totally normal to leak milk in the middle of an intimate moment. I know this is nothing to be embarrassed about (and my partner might even get a kick out of it)!
7. I talked to my pediatrician about when baby should start solids. I also asked about good choices for baby’s first foods. I’m looking forward to this new culinary adventure!
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Okay. Fine.

I've been trying to keep really bad food out of the house. I don't restrict everything because I think that's the …

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