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1. Baby can sit by herself now — although Truman tips over if I don’t support Truman. Baby loves seeing the world from a new perspective! Truman also has good head control.
2. My baby is babbling. Truman is starting to repeat sounds we say and imitate syllables of words. Truman doesn’t string them together yet, but Truman is definitely experimenting with language and ways to move Truman’s lips and tongue.
3. Baby loves motion! Truman loves to bounce on my knee, swing in my arms, and be rocked to relax. I hardly need to work out at the gym when I’ve got such a cute weight to lift and swing!
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4. I am trying to get back into the swing of working out, though, so I asked my partner to take the baby to daycare a couple of mornings this week. I’ll miss my morning commute with baby, but this will give me time to go to the gym before work.
5. Baby is constantly outgrowing clothes, which means I get to shop for adorable baby outfits! I’m trying to separate stuff I really need (diapers) from non-essentials (expensive boutique outfits) so I don’t spend my whole paycheck on cute baby stuff.
6. I lay down on the nursery floor and got a glimpse of baby’s bedtime view. It looks a little boring. I decided to move Truman’s mobile to give baby a new perspective to look at.
7. I am starting to feel like doing housework again! I asked a friend to come play with baby for an hour so I could really clean the kitchen, wash some laundry, and make dinner. It’s so much easier to do when I’m not holding baby!
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Baby Checklist. Week #9
1. My baby’s growing! Truman eats 4-5 oz of formula at every meal. If I’m breastfeeding, I don’t need to measure how much Truman eats — I just feed Truman on demand.
2. Baby can figure out where a sound is coming from! When Truman hears something that interests Truman, Truman turns Truman’s head and locates the source of the sound with Truman’s eyes.
3. My baby seems a little constipated — Truman’s not pooping every day, and when Truman does, it’s hard. I move Truman’s legs in a bicycle motion to help get his digestive system moving.
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4. I’ve set up the baby monitor, and it’s my new best friend! I can get stuff done on the other side of the house while baby is napping.
5. I really don’t feel like getting it on right now! I’ve never been so uninterested in sex. I know that breastfeeding can affect my sex drive, and my partner and I talked about how I’m feeling and how we can work together to stay connected even when I’m not feeling inspired.
6. My lactation consultant thinks that dairy I eat might affect baby, so I’ve cut milk out of my diet temporarily to see if it helps constipation or eczema.
7. I think my partner and I are ready for our first real date night! We’ve hired a babysitter, and we’re going to go out for a short dinner in the early evening. We’re prepared to come home early if baby gets fussy.
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