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Hi! Me and my babycakes!
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Baby Checklist. Week #4
1. Milk or formula is all my baby needs! I know not to give baby any water. Even if it’s really hot outside, breastmilk or formula gives ARHAAN all the hydration ARHAAN needs.
2. I’m giving baby a chance to experience different textures and colors. I put different fabrics on the floor for ARHAAN to touch during tummy time so ARHAAN can explore the sense of touch.
3. My baby is starting to get better head control. I still support ARHAAN’s head when I lift ARHAAN, but it doesn’t feel like lifting a bobble head toy anymore.
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4. I’m getting plenty of opportunity to use those cute bibs I got at my baby shower! Baby drools a lot, so I keep a bib on ARHAAN all the time.
5. Is it really time for me to go back to work already? I decided to start back on a Wednesday to give myself a short first week back. This will help me ease back into work.
6. I’m going to spend some quality time with baby! — I signed up for a Mommy and Me class like a yoga class or a postpartum exercise class.
7. I got my hair done! I told my stylist I need something that’s quick and easy for me to style at home.
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