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Keala is almost 3 months now and has full control of his neck. He's just starting to discover his fingers and tells me "st…

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Baby Checklist. Week #6
1. I’m getting really good at knowing what my baby is saying. I’m learning to read Ethan’s cues, and know if Ethan’s hungry or tired — usually even before Ethan starts to cry.
2. I thought all those freezer meals I prepped when I was pregnant were going to last forever, but now they’re starting to get a little low. Time to start cooking again.
3. My baby’s immune system isn’t fully developed, so I’m making sure to protect Ethan from germs. When we’re out in public, I keep sanitizer handy, and I never give Ethan a toy or pacifier that’s fallen on the ground.
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4. I’m making sure to stay hydrated, especially if I’m breastfeeding. I bought some extra water bottles so I can always keep one filled and nearby. 
5. My partner and I have talked about choosing a babysitter. We’ve started making a list of instructions about our baby’s bedtime routine so we can get an evening babysitter when we feel ready.
6. My baby startles easily. If Ethan hears a sudden noise or if I put Ethan down too quickly, Ethan throws Ethan’s arms out and then pulls them back.
7. I love talking with my baby! Ethan doesn’t talk back, but Ethan does imitate my expressions. You should see her smile!
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Baby Checklist. Week #5
1. My baby is starting to pay more attention to the world. Ethan notices sounds and looks around to try to figure out where the sound came from.
2. My baby tries to reach for things! When I put Ethan in the play gym, Ethan looks at the different colors and bats at the hanging toys. Baby doesn't really have control of Ethan’s arms yet, but Ethan seems to enjoy trying.
3. If I’m breastfeeding, I’ve talked with my lactation consultant about how my food affects baby. We’ve discussed whether I should make any changes to my diet.
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4. My doctor said I can start regular exercise, so I joined the gym! I plan to work out in the evenings while my partner spends some quality time with baby.
5. My partner and I aren’t ready to leave baby with an evening sitter yet, so we’re planning some “date nights in.” We’re taking some time to focus on each other and stay connected.
6. I had my 6-week postpartum doctor visit. I talked with my doctor about my birth control options and about whether I’m ready to start exercising.
7. Before I start pumping to save breastmilk, I’ve learned about how to store breast milk so I can reuse it later.
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Thank you! I feel great actually. It being my first I'm pretty nervous. I haven't had a single Braxton hicks or any type of lab…
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