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Baby Checklist. Week #9
1. My baby’s growing! Elliana eats 4-5 oz of formula at every meal. If I’m breastfeeding, I don’t need to measure how much Elliana eats — I just feed Elliana on demand.
2. Baby can figure out where a sound is coming from! When Elliana hears something that interests Elliana, Elliana turns Elliana’s head and locates the source of the sound with his {name}’s eyes.
3. My baby seems a little constipated — Elliana’s not pooping every day, and when Elliana does, it’s hard. I move Elliana’s legs in a bicycle motion to help get his digestive system moving.
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4. I’ve set up the baby monitor, and it’s my new best friend! I can get stuff done on the other side of the house while baby is napping.
5. I really don’t feel like getting it on right now! I’ve never been so uninterested in sex. I know that breastfeeding can affect my sex drive, and my partner and I talked about how I’m feeling and how we can work together to stay connected even when I’m not feeling inspired.
6. My lactation consultant thinks that dairy I eat might affect baby, so I’ve cut milk out of my diet temporarily to see if it helps constipation or eczema.
7. I think my partner and I are ready for our first real date night! We’ve hired a babysitter, and we’re going to go out for a short dinner in the early evening. We’re prepared to come home early if baby gets fussy.
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