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Planning Checklist. Week #7
1. I’m more open now with our struggles and wants for a child. Feels good to let it out.
2. I find myself fearful and excited all at once. I’m learning to talk about these varying emotions and I always feel better after. It’s not healthy to keep them inside.
3. I know the likelihood of getting pregnant right away is low, I understand it can take a while. I try to remain calm and positive about this.
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4. If I’ve been doing fertility treatments, I may take a blood test and see if I’m having any success.
5. I’m paying close attention to my body for signs of implantation. They can be really subtle.
6. Will I use an early response test or wait until I miss a period to take a pregnancy test? I don’t want to feel disappointed if it’s too soon to tell, yet I can’t wait to know.
7. I can’t wait to take a pregnancy test, but I know that if I take one too early, it may be too soon to tell and I might feel disappointed unnecessarily. So, I’ve decided on which day after a missed period and I won’t take it any sooner.
8. I like to think about when I’ll tell friends and family that I’m pregnant and if I will find out the gender and if I would tell everyone the gender… These are fun things to think about.
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Planning Checklist. Week #8
1. I know that early pregnancy symptoms are similar to starting my period, so I pay close attention.
2. If implantation occurred, my doctor can do a blood test to determine if I’m pregnant.
3. I did my research on my chosen hospital. I asked friends and family and anyone else I knew who gave birth there. Do they have a neonatal unit? That’s important.
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4. I was worried about ultrasounds causing problems for the baby, but after discussing with my doctor and doing research, I’m confident that there isn’t any harm that could be done and ultrasounds can detect any issues before birth.
5. If I’m pregnant, this is when nausea would begin and can be quite extreme to those that are sensitive to HCG.
6. If I DO test and it’s negative and my period doesn’t arrive, I try not to panic and wait a day or two for my hormone levels to double.
7. I’m thinking about what I’ll do after I conceive. If I stay at home or work and what our options are financially.
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Planning Checklist. Week #1
1. I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor for the preconception checkup.
2. At my appointment, I make sure to schedule a blood test. It will test for anemia, blood type and any other abnormalities.
3. I’ve told my doctor about any and all medical conditions I’ve had whether they are current or past.
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4. I’m going to get the flu shot before I get pregnant to reduce my risk of getting sick during my pregnancy. It can be dangerous.
5. If I was born between ’56 and ’80, I need to be re vaccinated with MMR again. It’s wearing off and is rubella is a danger for pregnant women.
6. Both my partner and I make sure to get all STD tests done, just to be certain! ANY STD can be dangerous for the baby and can cause pregnancy complications if untreated.
7. I went to the dentist to make sure I wouldn’t need any dental work while I was pregnant.
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Planning Checklist. Week #6
1. If I’m hoping for a boy, we have intercourse today to increase our chances. This inspires my partner who dreams of a son.
2. Being relaxed is supposed to help you conceive, so I’ve been trying many things to relax; meditation, yoga and I’ve started to keep a journal.
3. I will try and have as much sex with my partner this week to increase chances of conception. Better get in the mood.
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4. I feel silly, but I don’t care. I lay with my legs up in the air for 30 minutes after sex to increase my chances of getting pregnant.
5. It can be both fun and frustrating how frequently we need to have intercourse to increase my chances of conception.
6. Trying to make sex more fun and playful rather than something we ‘have’ to do.
7. I ask My mom, sister and grandmother how long it took them to get pregnant. They didn’t remember much, but I know it’s possible for me.
8. When I feel really stressed, I force myself to take some time to unwind. I remind myself that everything is meant to be and has its time.
9. I’m keeping myself busy with organizing and tasks so I don’t obsess over trying to conceive.
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Baby Checklist. Week #6
1. I’m getting really good at knowing what my baby is saying. I’m learning to read melinda’s cues, and know if melinda’s hungry or tired — usually even before melinda starts to cry.
2. I thought all those freezer meals I prepped when I was pregnant were going to last forever, but now they’re starting to get a little low. Time to start cooking again.
3. My baby’s immune system isn’t fully developed, so I’m making sure to protect melinda from germs. When we’re out in public, I keep sanitizer handy, and I never give melinda a toy or pacifier that’s fallen on the ground.
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4. I’m making sure to stay hydrated, especially if I’m breastfeeding. I bought some extra water bottles so I can always keep one filled and nearby. 
5. My partner and I have talked about choosing a babysitter. We’ve started making a list of instructions about our baby’s bedtime routine so we can get an evening babysitter when we feel ready.
6. My baby startles easily. If melinda hears a sudden noise or if I put melinda down too quickly, melinda throws melinda’s arms out and then pulls them back.
7. I love talking with my baby! melinda doesn’t talk back, but melinda does imitate my expressions. You should see her smile!
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Baby Checklist. Week #5
1. My baby is starting to pay more attention to the world. melinda notices sounds and looks around to try to figure out where the sound came from.
2. My baby tries to reach for things! When I put melinda in the play gym, melinda looks at the different colors and bats at the hanging toys. Baby doesn't really have control of melinda’s arms yet, but melinda seems to enjoy trying.
3. If I’m breastfeeding, I’ve talked with my lactation consultant about how my food affects baby. We’ve discussed whether I should make any changes to my diet.
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4. My doctor said I can start regular exercise, so I joined the gym! I plan to work out in the evenings while my partner spends some quality time with baby.
5. My partner and I aren’t ready to leave baby with an evening sitter yet, so we’re planning some “date nights in.” We’re taking some time to focus on each other and stay connected.
6. I had my 6-week postpartum doctor visit. I talked with my doctor about my birth control options and about whether I’m ready to start exercising.
7. Before I start pumping to save breastmilk, I’ve learned about how to store breast milk so I can reuse it later.
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Baby Checklist. Week #4
1. Milk or formula is all my baby needs! I know not to give baby any water. Even if it’s really hot outside, breastmilk or formula gives melinda all the hydration melinda needs.
2. I’m giving baby a chance to experience different textures and colors. I put different fabrics on the floor for melinda to touch during tummy time so melinda can explore the sense of touch.
3. My baby is starting to get better head control. I still support melinda’s head when I lift melinda, but it doesn’t feel like lifting a bobble head toy anymore.
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4. I’m getting plenty of opportunity to use those cute bibs I got at my baby shower! Baby drools a lot, so I keep a bib on melinda all the time.
5. Is it really time for me to go back to work already? I decided to start back on a Wednesday to give myself a short first week back. This will help me ease back into work.
6. I’m going to spend some quality time with baby! — I signed up for a Mommy and Me class like a yoga class or a postpartum exercise class.
7. I got my hair done! I told my stylist I need something that’s quick and easy for me to style at home.
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Baby Checklist. Week #3
1. My baby had another checkup. melinda may also get a second dose of the Hep B vaccination.
2. My baby likes to look at things. If I move an object across melinda’s vision, melinda follows it with melinda’s eyes.
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4. Breastfeeding should be pretty established at this point. If I have any pain when baby latches, I’ll schedule an appointment with a lactation consultant.
5. I still sleep when baby sleeps, but if I have the energy, I try to spend some one-on-one time with older kids during one of baby’s naps.
6. Breastfeeding is not birth control! My partner and I have talked about our plans for birth control after I’m ready to resume intimacy.
7. I scheduled my 6 week postpartum appointment with my doctor. I also scheduled my baby’s two-month checkup with our pediatrician.
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