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1. Baby loves to read! Actually, Penelope mostly just chews on books, but I know that listening to a book helps build language skills. Plus, reading to baby gives me a chance to sit down!
2. Baby can’t wait to start standing and walking! In the meantime, Penelope loves to sit in the bouncer. I know not to let Penelope use it too much, but Penelope enjoys some time in it every day.
3. When I hold baby up in a standing position, Penelope puts weight on Penelope’s legs and pushes off the ground.
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4. Being around lots of other kids means baby is constantly exposed to germs. If Penelope is in a group daycare and has gotten sick often, I’ve thought about whether I want to consider other childcare options like an in-home daycare or a nanny.
5. I am really exercising again! I signed up for a 5K, and I’ve started training. I might even try a marathon eventually!
6. I gave up on keeping my house perfect. I don’t need friends who judge me by how clean my house is! If I have older kids, I’ve put them in charge of keeping their rooms clean (and I don’t worry if their rooms don’t meet my standards).
7. I’ve talked with my doctor and my partner about when we might want to think about having another child.
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