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1. I’ve started planning for baby’s first birthday! This party is more for me than for Dayne, so I might just plan a small family-only party — or I might plan a big bash with all my mom friends. Either way, I’ll keep it short so it doesn’t interfere with naptime!
2. Baby might be getting really good at “cruising” — walking around the room while holding the furniture for balance.
3. My baby really understands “no” now — and Dayne doesn’t like it much! Dayne gets frustrated when I tell Dayne no. I try to gently redirect Dayne so Dayne gets interested in something else.
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4. If I feel frustrated with my partner or with myself as a mom, I write it down in a journal. This can help me process my emotions and get a better perspective. If I don’t like writing, I can do the same by sketching a picture. I’m not trying to make great art — this is just to help me to get my feelings out.
5. I’ve learned a pro mom style tip: eye highlighter under my eyes helps me look more awake. Hey, even if I feel sleepy, I don’t have to look that way!
6. Baby is mostly sleeping all night, but I’ve been staying up late after bedtime to get stuff done! This week, I’ll make a point of going to bed early — not long after baby’s bedtime — so I can get more sleep.
7. When baby babbles at me, I respond as if Dayne is really talking. This will help Dayne develop confidence as Dayne learns to speak!
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bath time makes this little boy feel better when he's sick
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1. Baby has learned a new word! In addition to “mama” and “dada,” Dayne says one other word like “hi,” “bye” or “no.”
2. If I haven’t yet, I’m installing safety gates at the top and bottom of our stairs. Baby wants to climb and explore everything, and I want to keep the stairs off-limits!
3. My baby might become less interested in breastfeeding or bottle-feeding at this age — Dayne is so interested in looking around and exploring, Dayne doesn’t have time to sit still! I encourage Dayne to eat by taking Dayne into a quiet, dark room where there aren’t so many distractions.
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4. My partner and I are making time for intimacy this week. Even if we don’t have time for sex, we’ll have an intimate conversation and talk about something besides just baby.
5. I’m helping baby learn to entertain herself. I play with Dayne for a few minutes, and once Dayne is engaged with the toy, I step back and let Dayne play by herself. I’m patient with this, and I come back if he gets upset. Sometimes Dayne gets so absorbed in the toy, Dayne doesn’t even notice when I step out of the room for a minute!
6. I don’t want a picky eater, so I’m offering baby lots of different kinds of foods! I give Dayne different types of grains like quinoa and barley, lots of vegetables like cauliflower and zucchini, and various fruits like cantaloupe and pumpkin.
7. My partner and I sat down with each other and any other caregivers to make sure the rules for baby are always the same. Consistent rules will help Dayne feel secure.
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