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Mamas... How often does your baby nap throughout the day & how old are they?

Lately I am SLOWLY, very slowly, getting Monr…

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Baby Checklist. Month 8 Week 1
1. Baby’s brain is growing like crazy, so I’m making sure to give Fiona plenty of good fats for brain nutrition! I add a powdered omega-3 supplement or ground flax seed to his meals.
2. Now that baby is getting more mobile and active, Fiona is starting to appreciate the playground! I take Fiona outside for at least an hour every day.
3. Baby can drink from Fiona own cup now! Fiona does spill it, but I give Fiona a chance to practice regularly while sitting still on the floor or at a little table.
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4. This week, I’m doing something fun that’s just for me like watching a silly TV show or movie or reading a good book.
5. I need some morning inspiration. I found a quote or mantra that motivates me, and I wrote it on my mirror with dry erase marker so I can read it every morning.
6. I’m taking lots of pictures this week — and I’m making sure that I’m in some of them, too! I like looking at pictures of baby best, but I know that when Fiona is older, Fiona will enjoy seeing me in the pictures, too.
7. I talk to baby about time, schedules and memory. I ask questions like, “Where did you leave your sweater?” and I tell Fiona what’s happening next in our day. This will help baby develop a sense of how time works.
Diane Tessier-Balsman is now friends with
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