1. I’m more open now with our struggles and wants for a child. Feels good to let it out.
2. I find myself fearful and excited all at once. I’m learning to talk about these varying emotions and I always feel better after. It’s not healthy to keep them inside.
3. I know the likelihood of getting pregnant right away is low, I understand it can take a while. I try to remain calm and positive about this.
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4. If I’ve been doing fertility treatments, I may take a blood test and see if I’m having any success.
5. I’m paying close attention to my body for signs of implantation. They can be really subtle.
6. Will I use an early response test or wait until I miss a period to take a pregnancy test? I don’t want to feel disappointed if it’s too soon to tell, yet I can’t wait to know.
7. I can’t wait to take a pregnancy test, but I know that if I take one too early, it may be too soon to tell and I might feel disappointed unnecessarily. So, I’ve decided on which day after a missed period and I won’t take it any sooner.
8. I like to think about when I’ll tell friends and family that I’m pregnant and if I will find out the gender and if I would tell everyone the gender… These are fun things to think about.
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