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Arlin is already on 42 week of pregnancy!
Arlin is already on 41 week of pregnancy!
Arlin is already on 40 week of pregnancy!
Arlin is already on 39 week of pregnancy!
Arlin is already on 38 week of pregnancy!
Arlin is already on 37 week of pregnancy!
Arlin is already on 36 week of pregnancy!
Arlin is already on 35 week of pregnancy!
Arlin is already on 34 week of pregnancy!
1. My partner and I did a test drive to the hospital to see how long it really takes to get there. Okay, actually we did several test drives. At different times of day. And mapped three different routes, just in case.
2. Epidural, natural, or c-section? I’ve finished writing my birth plan, complete with back-up options if things don’t go according to plan.
3. I’ve read about postpartum recovery and what my body will be like after birth. Hint: I’m not going to be wearing those skinny jeans again as soon as I hoped. I packed some first-trimester maternity clothes to wear home from the hospital.
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4. I’ve been wearing maternity support hose. They’re supposed to help prevent fluid retention, swelling feet, and aches. I’m not sure if they’re helping or not!
5. I’ve made my labor playlist! I downloaded music I want to listen to during labor. I’ve included a mix of soft, relaxing music and energetic pushing music.
6. I’ve learned about pumping and storing breast milk if I plan to breastfeed. I’ve made space in my freezer for lots of bottles of milk!
7. I bought my nursing bra and other supplies like breastfeeding-friendly bottles and a breast pump.
Arlin is already on 33 week of pregnancy!
1. I figured out who will take care of my older kids and pets when labor starts. I have a back-up person in case my first choice can’t get here right away.
2. I toured my hospital or birth center. That recovery room is gorgeous!
3. I’ve thought about who I want to ask to be my child’s godparents — maybe relatives or close family friends.
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4. I’ve been counting kicks! At least, I’m trying. Right now they’re coming so fast I can’t keep up — it’s like I have an octopus in there!
5. I know they’re just going to get spit-up all over them, but I couldn’t resist buying that expensive pair of booties with the matching onesie. We’ll take a couple of pictures in them before they get ruined.
6. I interviewed pediatricians in my area, and I chose a great one for my baby! I think she’ll be a great partner for my baby’s health.
7. My doctor scheduled me for a biophysical profile. This will include an ultrasound and nonstress test to make sure my baby is still healthy through the third trimester.
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