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1. Baby has learned a new word! In addition to “mama” and “dada,” Milo says one other word like “hi,” “bye” or “no.”
2. If I haven’t yet, I’m installing safety gates at the top and bottom of our stairs. Baby wants to climb and explore everything, and I want to keep the stairs off-limits!
3. My baby might become less interested in breastfeeding or bottle-feeding at this age — Milo is so interested in looking around and exploring, Milo doesn’t have time to sit still! I encourage Milo to eat by taking Milo into a quiet, dark room where there aren’t so many distractions.
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4. My partner and I are making time for intimacy this week. Even if we don’t have time for sex, we’ll have an intimate conversation and talk about something besides just baby.
5. I’m helping baby learn to entertain herself. I play with Milo for a few minutes, and once Milo is engaged with the toy, I step back and let Milo play by herself. I’m patient with this, and I come back if he gets upset. Sometimes Milo gets so absorbed in the toy, Milo doesn’t even notice when I step out of the room for a minute!
6. I don’t want a picky eater, so I’m offering baby lots of different kinds of foods! I give Milo different types of grains like quinoa and barley, lots of vegetables like cauliflower and zucchini, and various fruits like cantaloupe and pumpkin.
7. My partner and I sat down with each other and any other caregivers to make sure the rules for baby are always the same. Consistent rules will help Milo feel secure.
1. Baby’s brain is growing like crazy, so I’m making sure to give Milo plenty of good fats for brain nutrition! I add a powdered omega-3 supplement or ground flax seed to his meals.
2. Now that baby is getting more mobile and active, Milo is starting to appreciate the playground! I take Milo outside for at least an hour every day.
3. Baby can drink from Milo own cup now! Milo does spill it, but I give Milo a chance to practice regularly while sitting still on the floor or at a little table.
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4. This week, I’m doing something fun that’s just for me like watching a silly TV show or movie or reading a good book.
5. I need some morning inspiration. I found a quote or mantra that motivates me, and I wrote it on my mirror with dry erase marker so I can read it every morning.
6. I’m taking lots of pictures this week — and I’m making sure that I’m in some of them, too! I like looking at pictures of baby best, but I know that when Milo is older, Milo will enjoy seeing me in the pictures, too.
7. I talk to baby about time, schedules and memory. I ask questions like, “Where did you leave your sweater?” and I tell Milo what’s happening next in our day. This will help baby develop a sense of how time works.
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