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My daughters are named Autumn, Sherica and Brooklyne

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1. I’m totally baby’s favorite. Brooklyne laughs and smiles when I come into the room and cries when I leave. It breaks my heart, but it also makes me feel like the most important person in the world!
2. Baby rolled from tummy to back for the first time! I’m not sure who’s more excited about this — me or baby. Brooklyne won’t stop practicing this new trick!
3. I never, ever leave baby on a bed, changing table, or any other high surface. Now that Brooklyne is rolling, it’s even more important that I always follow this safety rule.
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4. I think it’s time for another date night. I’ll try to find a babysitter this week so my partner and I can go out for a little while, even if it’s just for a quick coffee.
5. If I don’t already have a nasal aspirator, I’ll get one this week. Baby’s first cold is probably coming soon, if Brooklyne hasn’t had one already!
6. My partner and I are making time for sex again, but things are a little different these days. If I’m breastfeeding, it’s totally normal to leak milk in the middle of an intimate moment. I know this is nothing to be embarrassed about (and my partner might even get a kick out of it)!
7. I talked to my pediatrician about when baby should start solids. I also asked about good choices for baby’s first foods. I’m looking forward to this new culinary adventure!
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New here looking to meet moms in my area. We live in
Montgomery, AL. I have four wonderful children and am a SHM.

1. Baby loves to read! Actually, Brooklyne mostly just chews on books, but I know that listening to a book helps build language skills. Plus, reading to baby gives me a chance to sit down!
2. Baby can’t wait to start standing and walking! In the meantime, Brooklyne loves to sit in the bouncer. I know not to let Brooklyne use it too much, but Brooklyne enjoys some time in it every day.
3. When I hold baby up in a standing position, Brooklyne puts weight on Brooklyne’s legs and pushes off the ground.
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4. Being around lots of other kids means baby is constantly exposed to germs. If Brooklyne is in a group daycare and has gotten sick often, I’ve thought about whether I want to consider other childcare options like an in-home daycare or a nanny.
5. I am really exercising again! I signed up for a 5K, and I’ve started training. I might even try a marathon eventually!
6. I gave up on keeping my house perfect. I don’t need friends who judge me by how clean my house is! If I have older kids, I’ve put them in charge of keeping their rooms clean (and I don’t worry if their rooms don’t meet my standards).
7. I’ve talked with my doctor and my partner about when we might want to think about having another child.
1. Baby’s talking! Ok, really Brooklyne is just saying one-syllable sounds like “ma,” “da,” and “ba.” But Brooklyne said “ma” while looking at me, so I’m counting that as talking!
2. Baby can hold Brooklyne’s own sippy cup — and Brooklyne loves drinking from it without help. Brooklyne is also discovering how to drop it, so I make sure the lid is on tight before I give it to Brooklyne.
3. I know baby needs to taste a new time several times before Brooklyne will start to like it. If Brooklyne doesn’t like a food the first time I offer it, I don’t worry — I’ll just introduce it again later.
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4. I’ve scheduled an hour this week to do something fun like reading a book, getting together with friends, or enjoying a hobby I haven’t had time for.
5. I ask my partner for help. He’s learning his own way of interacting with baby, and I don’t correct him if he does something differently from me. After all, he’s a parent, too!
6. My partner is taking over bedtime one night this week (or more!) so I can get to bed early and get some extra rest.
7. Baby has started solid foods! I won’t give Brooklyne any honey or cow’s milk till after Brooklyne’s first birthday.
1. My partner and I are both so tired after bedtime, sometimes we barely even talk! This weekend, we’ll take one of baby’s naptimes to sit down together and have a real conversation to reconnect.
2. Baby can turn Brooklyne’s head from side to side and look up and down. I’m working on teaching Brooklyne to nod “yes” and “no!”
3. Baby and I love to listen to music and dance! I hold Brooklyne in my arms and turn on my favorite tunes, and we dance our cares away. Brooklyne also likes to lie on the ground and do some “dancing” of Brooklyne’s own!
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4. I’m doing something simple special for me this week to help me feel pretty, like painting my nails or taking a long shower and doing my hair.
5. I finished babyproofing, and I’m ready for baby to crawl! I’ve got locks on cabinets, everything breakable is moved out of reach, and I’ve checked all the windows for strangulation hazards.
6. Whenever baby’s around, I say the name of everything we see to help Brooklyne learn new words. Sometimes I catch myself doing this when baby’s not around, too!
7. If it’s allergy season, I’ll watch baby for any signs of asthma or allergies like coughing and wheezing. If I notice any symptoms, I’ll talk to our doctor.
1. I’m encouraging baby to be more mobile! I roll a toy away from Brooklyne, and Brooklyne tries to follow it.
2. Baby has lots of brightly colored toys so I’m working on teaching Brooklyne colors. I pick a toy that has several different bright colors, and I point out the different colors to baby by name.
3. Baby loves to manipulate toys, and I’m encouraging Brooklyne to play in lots of different ways! Brooklyne is learning to roll balls, push a walker, and crawl through tunnels.
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4. If I didn’t already get the whooping cough vaccine for myself, I’ve scheduled an appointment to make sure I’m up-to-date.
5. I decided to change my work schedule! I talked with my employer, and he agreed to let me work from home two days a week. Cutting out my commute is going to give me a lot more time with baby in the mornings and evenings on those days!
6. I’m making sure to avoid cooking all the nutrients out of baby’s food. Instead of boiling vegetables, I steam or bake them.
7. I’m teaching baby to follow directions in a way that’s appropriate for Brooklyne’s age. I redirect Brooklyne if Brooklyne is doing something dangerous, and I’m teaching Brooklyne to freeze when Brooklyne hears the word “no.”
1. Baby is starting to really express Brooklyne’s feelings! Brooklyne imitates my facial expressions when I’m sad or happy, and Brooklyne shows her own feelings on her face. I try to use words to express what I think Brooklyne is feeling and validate it.
2. I got a baby food masher. Baby is ready to eat thicker purees now, so I can make my own baby food by quickly mashing vegetables that I steamed for myself and my partner to eat.
3. Baby’s separation anxiety is in full swing! I can hardly step out of the room without Brooklyne crying. I still have to leave sometimes, but I make sure baby has eaten and had a good nap before I leave so Brooklyne is less likely to get upset.
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4. My house is dirty, and I don’t care. I’m letting go of chores this week so I can focus on baby and enjoy all the new skills Brooklyne is learning.
5. I’ve scheduled some time this week for me to work on a hobby. It might be something I used to do that I haven’t done in a while, or it might be something new I want to learn.
6. I’m eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is partly for my own health, but it’s also because baby wants to eat everything I do, so I’m trying to set a good example!
7. Running is getting hard on my feet and ankles, so I’m alternating with swimming laps for my workout.
1. Baby wants to stand up! Brooklyne can stand while holding onto my hands, and I let Brooklyne practice this when Brooklyne wants.
2. I bought a baby toothbrush! It has super-soft bristles, and I’m letting baby get used to chewing on it and playing with it so I can start teaching Brooklyne good dental hygiene.
3. Sometimes, I swear baby is testing my authority. I know Brooklyne doesn’t really understand commands yet, and Brooklyne needs to explore, so I’m patient and calm if Brooklyne ignores when I say “no.” Instead of getting frustrated, I gently redirect Brooklyne with a different toy or activity.
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4. Baby is getting so independent! I’m proud of Brooklyne — but I also can’t believe how fast Brooklyne is growing. I’m getting together with some mom friends this week so I can talk about my mixed feelings about my baby growing up.
5. I’ve started making smoothies. They’re great for me and for baby! I try different recipes with greens, fruit, yogurt, and juice for a nutritious snack that baby and I can share.
6. I appreciate my own parents a lot more now that I’m a mom! I’m taking some time this week to let my parents and my partner’s parents know that I’m grateful for them.
7. I’ve scheduled some time away from baby this week, even if it’s just a quick lunch date with a friend. Even grocery shopping by myself feels like a treat these days!
1. Baby can feed herself with a spoon! I’m not sure how much Brooklyne is actually eating, because Brooklyne makes a huge mess, but hey, Brooklyne is having a blast.
2. Baby has started teething. I don’t see any teeth yet, but Brooklyne is drooling and chewing on everything and seems a lot more irritable than usual. I know this could last a while, so I’m stocking up on teething toys, cold washcloths, and patience!
3. Baby understands me! Brooklyne recognizes her name and can sometimes follows simple commands like “yes” and “no.”
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4. My doctor told me to give baby a daily supplement of vitamin D.
5. I’ve started a freezer meal exchange with a few friends, and it’s really simplifying my cooking! Each of us cooks a lot of one meal that can go in the freezer, and then we all swap.
6. Baby has a security toy. It’s really sweet to see Brooklyne carrying the “lovey” around everywhere we go!
7. I’m treating myself this week with some relaxing exercise like a yoga session or a long walk.

New here looking to meet moms in my area. We live in
Montgomery, AL. I have four wonderful children and am a SHM.

4EricaMontgomery, Alabama
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