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Tanya is already on 42 week of pregnancy!
Tanya is already on 41 week of pregnancy!
Tanya is already on 40 week of pregnancy!
Tanya is already on 39 week of pregnancy!
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My baby has been born on the 11 September 2014. Its a Boy!!
Tanya is already on 38 week of pregnancy!
Tanya is already on 37 week of pregnancy!
Tanya is already on 36 week of pregnancy!
Tanya is already on 35 week of pregnancy!
1. Almost time for my baby shower! I’ve asked a close friend or relative to host, and she and I have picked a date, location, and guest list.
2. My doctor has talked with me about the symptoms of preeclampsia. I’m following my doctor’s instructions about my diet, and I know to call if I experience any changes like severe swelling, sudden weight gain, or changes in vision.
3. I found out my baby’s gender! It’s a…never mind, not telling you yet.
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4. We decided on our baby’s name! And it’s awesome.
5. Sudden dizziness is common in pregnancy. When I get up from lying or sitting down, I move slowly, and I always keep a snack in my purse.
6. Olive oil and canola oil are great for adding good fats to my diet, so I’m using them as dressing on my salads.
7. Being pregnant means something always hurts — my head, my back, my hips, my feet. Maybe it’s pregnancy, or maybe it’s just stress! I’m looking into getting acupuncture from a pregnancy-certified practitioner to help with the pain.
Tanya is already on 34 week of pregnancy!
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