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Planning Checklist. Week #5
1. It’s starting! I’ve begun to track my daily basal body temp to tell me when I’m ovulating!
2. I don’t’ smoke anymore, but I still avoid second hand smoke.
3. Any tests I’ve taken I know the results and am speaking with my partner about them.
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4. My partner misses his nightly hot tubs, but hot water can kill sperm. My partner also knows that abstaining from alchohol and cigarrettes will help our chances too.
5. I’m eating really well now. My weight is in check. Both of these factors super important to avoid gestational diabetes.
6. Our bodies are amazing. From the moment we conceive, our body supplies the baby nutrients that it needs. It’s my job to make sure I have them ready.
7. I’m eating iron strong foods and taking a supplement with the advice of my doctor. A women’s body has a difficult time maintaining iron during pregnancy, so I want to be sure I stay on top of it. A slow release Iron supplement can help me from feeling ill or constipated.
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