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Pregnancy Checklist. Week #7
1. I’ve scheduled my first prenatal visit! This visit will probably involve a prenatal blood panel, which includes my blood type, rubella titer, blood counts, HIV antibody, and screening for hepatitis and syphilis.
2. I’m not eating cold leftovers anymore. If I eat ready-made meals, I heat them till they’re piping hot all the way through before eating.
3. I may not get much sleep after baby arrives, so I’m making sure to get at least 8 hours a night right now.
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4. I never leave home without a snack! I keep nonperishable food like sealed crackers or nuts in my purse at all times. (It’s good practice for later when I’ll have a hungry toddler.)
5. My belly’s not really showing, but it’s definitely starting to feel bloated. I’m wearing loose pants like yoga pants or using a hair tie to hold my jeans without needing to fasten them all the way.
6. It’s a lot harder to motivate myself to exercise these days, so I’ve signed up for a group exercise class that’s safe for pregnancy like water aerobics or pregnancy yoga.
7. I’m planning my maternity leave. I know how much time I want to take off, and I’m thinking about my career options after baby is here.
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So the other night I had the first dream I can remember since becoming pregnant. Normally I have a lot of very vivid crazy dre…

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