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Planning Checklist. Week #4
1. Drinking water isn’t my favorite, but I know how important it is to stay hydrated. So I drink plenty throughout the day.
2. My husband actually LOVES the super healthy meals I’ve been preparing! Little does he know it’s to give a boost to that sperm!
3. I’m keeping an eye on my processed sugar intake as well as fatty processed foods. I actually have more energy when I do. The fruit my partner and I eat now is mostly berries. Studies shows that blueberries, raspberries, etc. help keep sperm healthy and strong. A LOT of smoothies happening around here.
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4. I make sure I eat 3 meals a day and healthy snacks in between. It’s not healthy to miss a meal. A depleted body is not a healthy body.
5. I’m finding new ways to load up on leafy greens like kale and spinach and swiss chard. Smoothies and salads are my favorite and they are great sources for foliate which help in prevention of neural tube defects.
6. The stronger I am physically, the easier and faster labor will be, so I make sure to do light weights with my exercise. Also stretching will help as my body changes when I become pregnant.
7. To keep my immunity in top shape, I like to snack on yogurt. Yogurt contains probiotics which help boost my immunity and keep me clean inside.
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Planning Checklist. Week #3
1. I’ve started taking prenatal vitamins to make sure that my body is full of nutrients when my baby’s conceived. I make sure I get enough folic acid because I know it helps form my baby’s neural tubes before I even know that I’m pregnant.
2. ‘Bye bye’ to my partner’s ‘whitey tighties’! Hello boxers! Helping those sperm with some freedom to roam. And he looks cute too!
3. If I smoke, I’ve got to quit! If I can’t go cold turkey then I will significantly reduce the amount every day or get help to quit. I know how important it is to not smoke. And there’s no shame.
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4. I made sure that my multi-vitamin doesn’t have too much Vitamin A… as too much can cause birth defects. Calcium is really important, so I make sure to take 1200 mg a day.
5. Omega-3 is amazing for a growing baby, so I try and eat up to 12 ounces of low mercury fish. But I also can take supplements.
6. My weight needs to be in check to increase my chances of fertility, so I’ll check my BMI. It should be between 20-24.
7. I’m making sure my body gets enough rest by going to bed at a decent hour every night.
8. I’ve cut out ALL processed foods and any foods with strange dyes. Although ‘cheeto’s’ are my favorite cheat, they are terrible for you. I found a healthy alternative. Baked and with no dyes.
9. I’m determined to exercise regularly now. If I start now while trying to conceive I’ll be more likely to keep it up when I become pregnant.
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Planning Checklist. Week #2
1. Great News! My doctor informed me there are ways of getting my irregular periods on more of a schedule.
2. I’ve researched methods and have learned to track my cycles better so I know when I’m ovulating.
3. I bought a basal body thermometer in case I decide to track my cycles this way.
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4. If I can’t afford health insurance, I look into programs that are available to me in my city.
5. I’ve researched the Ov-Watch fertility predictor and have asked around to friends about it. Maybe it’s right for me.
6. I’m also learning about how to track my cervical mucus and position. I’ve been checking my cervix for show and what the difference is between soft, high, open and wet. Our bodies are truly fascinating.
7. I bought my ovulation kits in bulk, so I’m ready when it’s time to begin and take them.
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Planning Checklist. Week #1
1. I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor for the preconception checkup.
2. At my appointment, I make sure to schedule a blood test. It will test for anemia, blood type and any other abnormalities.
3. I’ve told my doctor about any and all medical conditions I’ve had whether they are current or past.
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4. I’m going to get the flu shot before I get pregnant to reduce my risk of getting sick during my pregnancy. It can be dangerous.
5. If I was born between ’56 and ’80, I need to be re vaccinated with MMR again. It’s wearing off and is rubella is a danger for pregnant women.
6. Both my partner and I make sure to get all STD tests done, just to be certain! ANY STD can be dangerous for the baby and can cause pregnancy complications if untreated.
7. I went to the dentist to make sure I wouldn’t need any dental work while I was pregnant.
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cant believe school starts on the 27th im in ct I have two kids and lost my thrid to miscarriage
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cant believe school starts on the 27th im in ct I have two kids and lost my thrid to miscarriage
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