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1. Baby waves “bye-bye” to everyone and everything — even himself! Before we leave the house, we walk around and wave to all Emma’s favorite toys.
2. Baby seems to prefer one hand over the other. This could be Emma’s permanent hand preference, but it’s too early to know for sure.
3. Whenever possible, I keep my baby barefoot. This helps Emma’s foot muscles develop properly, and it strengthens Emma’s arches. Barefoot is the best way to learn to walk!
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4. Baby is starting to understand simple commands. I’m teaching Emma “no” and “stop” — they’re important for safety as well as discipline! I make a game of it to make it fun for Emma to learn.
5. Even though baby sleeps pretty well, I still feel tired all the time! I got myself a gel eye mask to help with the dark circles under my eyes.
7. Baby’s crib is sidecarred: it’s attached to our bed, and the side next to our bed has the rail removed. This makes it easy for baby to sleep in Emma’s own space and still cuddle up to me when Emma wants some comfort at night.
1. Baby’s brain is growing like crazy, so I’m making sure to give Emma plenty of good fats for brain nutrition! I add a powdered omega-3 supplement or ground flax seed to his meals.
2. Now that baby is getting more mobile and active, Emma is starting to appreciate the playground! I take Emma outside for at least an hour every day.
3. Baby can drink from Emma own cup now! Emma does spill it, but I give Emma a chance to practice regularly while sitting still on the floor or at a little table.
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4. This week, I’m doing something fun that’s just for me like watching a silly TV show or movie or reading a good book.
5. I need some morning inspiration. I found a quote or mantra that motivates me, and I wrote it on my mirror with dry erase marker so I can read it every morning.
6. I’m taking lots of pictures this week — and I’m making sure that I’m in some of them, too! I like looking at pictures of baby best, but I know that when Emma is older, Emma will enjoy seeing me in the pictures, too.
7. I talk to baby about time, schedules and memory. I ask questions like, “Where did you leave your sweater?” and I tell Emma what’s happening next in our day. This will help baby develop a sense of how time works.
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