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Planning Checklist. Week #1
1. I have scheduled an appointment with my doctor for the preconception checkup.
2. At my appointment, I make sure to schedule a blood test. It will test for anemia, blood type and any other abnormalities.
3. I’ve told my doctor about any and all medical conditions I’ve had whether they are current or past.
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4. I’m going to get the flu shot before I get pregnant to reduce my risk of getting sick during my pregnancy. It can be dangerous.
5. If I was born between ’56 and ’80, I need to be re vaccinated with MMR again. It’s wearing off and is rubella is a danger for pregnant women.
6. Both my partner and I make sure to get all STD tests done, just to be certain! ANY STD can be dangerous for the baby and can cause pregnancy complications if untreated.
7. I went to the dentist to make sure I wouldn’t need any dental work while I was pregnant.
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