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Baby Checklist. Month 3 Week 1
1. Is the 4-month growth spurt starting already? Suddenly baby wants to breastfeed all the time. I’m continuing to feed on demand — I know it won’t last forever.
2. Baby is starting to like colors! I’ve started offering more brightly colored toys instead of the high-contrast ones Abigail used to enjoy.
3. Singing, whistling, clapping, and even blowing raspberries — baby loves sounds! I have lots of fun making sound effects for baby throughout the day. This helps Abigail’s language development, too, so I’m okay with sounding silly.
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4. Baby is finally getting the hang of using Abigail’s hands! Abigail is grabbing everything in sight — especially my dangling necklace or hair. Time to take off my nice jewelry for a while.
5. If baby gives me a minute to myself this week, I’ll go online and find some healthy recipes. Soon I’ll be cooking for baby, too! — but in the meantime, I want to make sure my partner and I are eating healthy, especially if I’m breastfeeding.
6. My breast milk is changing as baby grows. I’m making sure to eat healthy fats like nuts and avocados to get all the nutrition I need.
7. I’m enjoying the fact that baby’s schedule is getting more predictable! It’s tempting to use every extra minute to catch up on chores, but I’m making time to rest and unwind, too.
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