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Baby Checklist. Month 11 Week 2
1. My toddler is learning to feed himself! I’m letting Quan use Quan’s own spoon on food that won’t spill too much, like yogurt or oatmeal. Quan loves feeding himself — but I think Quan likes making a mess even more.
2. My toddler loves to bang things! From pots and pans to her toy drum, Quan is always making “music.”
3. We’ve got a regular bedtime routine, and I stick to it religiously — for me as well as my toddler. Following a routine helps both of us fall asleep easily.
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4. I’ve got a babysitter scheduled for a couple of hours this week! I’m going to get out of the house and get lots of things done. Everything is so much easier to do without a toddler in tow! This will be good for my toddler’s independence and my mental health.
5. I’ve signed my toddler up for a mommy and me swimming class. I want Quan to learn to swim for Quan’s safety, especially if I live near a body of water.
6. I try to keep introducing my toddler to new foods. It’s good for Quan to learn new flavors, and I enjoy trying different cooking techniques. This makes dinnertime an adventure for both of us!
7. If I’m feeling stressed and can’t get away, I’ll take a few seconds to calm myself with a breathing exercise. I breathe in slowly for a count of 8, then exhale for another 8.
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