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Baby Checklist. Month 11 Week 4
1. I know how to recognize if my toddler is having an allergic reaction. Landon can eat allergenic foods now, so it’s safe to give Landon shellfish, citrus and berries. I’ll introduce these foods slowly and watch for any reactions.
2. My toddler goes back and forth between being really independent and really clingy! When we’re in a familiar place, Landon runs off to play, but in new situations, Landon stays close to me.
3. My toddler can switch to cow’s milk now. If I want, I can start replace formula or breastmilk with cow’s milk now. It’s fine for me to keep breastfeeding, too!
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4. I took a few minutes this week to read through the inspirational quotes about moms that my friends are sharing on social media. I totally relate to them!
5. I dropped my baby off at daycare or with a sitter so I could have a lunch date with my partner.
6. My partner and I have talked about whether we want another baby, and we’ve talked about the timing of when we want to start trying for number two!
7. My baby turned one, and Landon is officially a toddler! Congratulations to our whole family — we made it through the first year!
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Anyone else suffering from pregnancy brain, baby brain or mommy brain? I sure am. This morning I tried to make coffee but I for…

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