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2. Baby has started eating finger food. Amari loves playing with it as much as eating it! I know picking up food is good for developing hand-eye coordination, so I’m not worried about table manners.
3. Baby is starting to learn about cause and effect. Amari loves testing it by dropping things to see what happens.
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4. Even though baby is getting more independent, taking care of Amari is exhausting! This week, I’ll make sure to ask my partner and my older kids for help with chores and household tasks.
5. I’m aware of what developmental milestones my baby should be able to do at this age, but I also know that every baby grows at his own pace. If I’m concerned that my baby might be delayed, I’ll make an appointment with my pediatrician.
6. Baby and I explore toys together. I show Amari how to press buttons, turn pages, and roll a ball. Playing with Amari is more fun every day as Amari learns new skills!
7. I continue to teach my baby new words by talking about everything we see. I help Amari make connections between experiences and the environment by saying things like, “Do you hear the dog barking?”
1. Baby is too young for screen time! I save my TV shows for when baby is in bed. While we’re playing together, I turn it off to help Amari understand real-life interaction and avoid overstimulating Amari with too much noise and movement.
2. Baby can’t wait to start walking! Amari can put Amari’s full weight on Amari’s legs, and Amari might stand up while holding onto furniture.
3. I make sure to include plenty of iron-rich foods like pureed meats on my baby’s menu.
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4. This week, I’m scheduling a babysitter for a couple of hours during the day so I can take a nap. I deserve it!
5. Babies are expensive, so I’m saving money when I can! I’ve started clipping coupons and planning meals in advance. I try to plan how to use leftovers, too.
6. I try to let baby figure things out herself. When Amari is trying to fit that square peg into the round hole on the puzzle toy, I don’t let myself intervene right away. This is a great opportunity for baby to develop problem-solving skills! If Amari gets really frustrated, that’s when I step in to help.
7. My baby loves to bounce! When I’m helping Amari stand, I let Amari bounce to strengthen those little legs. Amari loves it!
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