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Baby Checklist. Month 9 Week 4
1. Baby’s vocabulary is growing! fredi knows several words, and I can understand when fredi says them (although I may be the only one who understands).
2. Dance party time! I’m putting on music so baby and I can dance together. fredi loves learning motions to songs like Itsy-bitsy spider.
3. I feel like I’m really getting to know my baby’s personality! I’m noticing how different fredi is from other babies his age — maybe fredi is much more friendly, or maybe fredi is a lot more shy, but fredi definitely has his own opinions and personality.
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4. I’m careful to lift baby with my knees, not my back, so I don’t strain my back. A back injury would be a real problem when fredi wants to be held so often!
5. Baby can sit up and balance well without any help.
6. Now seems like a good time to take some fun pictures of baby in different situations. I’m looking through for some good ideas!
7. Baby has started eating a lot less. This seems strange, since fredi is getting bigger, but it’s actually normal — fredi isn’t growing as fast, so fredi doesn’t need as much food. As long as fredi’s diapers are normal and fredi has plenty of energy, fredi is probably fine!
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Baby Checklist. Month 6 Week 3
1. Baby is starting to really express fredi’s feelings! fredi imitates my facial expressions when I’m sad or happy, and fredi shows her own feelings on her face. I try to use words to express what I think fredi is feeling and validate it.
2. I got a baby food masher. Baby is ready to eat thicker purees now, so I can make my own baby food by quickly mashing vegetables that I steamed for myself and my partner to eat.
3. Baby’s separation anxiety is in full swing! I can hardly step out of the room without fredi crying. I still have to leave sometimes, but I make sure baby has eaten and had a good nap before I leave so fredi is less likely to get upset.
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4. My house is dirty, and I don’t care. I’m letting go of chores this week so I can focus on baby and enjoy all the new skills fredi is learning.
5. I’ve scheduled some time this week for me to work on a hobby. It might be something I used to do that I haven’t done in a while, or it might be something new I want to learn.
6. I’m eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This is partly for my own health, but it’s also because baby wants to eat everything I do, so I’m trying to set a good example!
7. Running is getting hard on my feet and ankles, so I’m alternating with swimming laps for my workout.
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