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Danielle Gaines answered to:
Baby Checklist. Month 9 Week 4
1. Baby’s vocabulary is growing! Gabriel knows several words, and I can understand when Gabriel says them (although I may be the only one who understands).
2. Dance party time! I’m putting on music so baby and I can dance together. Gabriel loves learning motions to songs like Itsy-bitsy spider.
3. I feel like I’m really getting to know my baby’s personality! I’m noticing how different Gabriel is from other babies his age — maybe Gabriel is much more friendly, or maybe Gabriel is a lot more shy, but Gabriel definitely has his own opinions and personality.
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4. I’m careful to lift baby with my knees, not my back, so I don’t strain my back. A back injury would be a real problem when Gabriel wants to be held so often!
5. Baby can sit up and balance well without any help.
6. Now seems like a good time to take some fun pictures of baby in different situations. I’m looking through Pinterest for some good ideas!
7. Baby has started eating a lot less. This seems strange, since Gabriel is getting bigger, but it’s actually normal — Gabriel isn’t growing as fast, so Gabriel doesn’t need as much food. As long as Gabriel’s diapers are normal and Gabriel has plenty of energy, Gabriel is probably fine!
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