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Baby Checklist. Newborn
1. My baby got Tiana’s first vaccination — a dose of Hepatitis B that’s given at birth. I also scheduled my baby’s first doctor appointment.
2. Who knew poop would ever be so interesting? I’m counting my baby’s diapers to make sure Tiana has at least 6 wet ones and 3 dirty ones every 24 hours.
3. I’m hungrier now than I was when I was pregnant! I need 300-500 extra calories if I’m breastfeeding, so I’m eating at least 2,000 calories every day.
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4. We’re ready to bring baby home! I washed all the baby clothes and bedding in a hypoallergenic detergent that’s designed not to irritate baby’s sensitive skin.
5. This hospital underwear is pretty practical. I’ve bought some disposable underwear of my own and some extra-long pads to protect me during postpartum bleeding.
6. I’ve got a postpartum support belt or wrap to support my belly as I’m healing. If I had a C-section, I’ve also bought some scar healing cream with vitamin E.
7. If I plan to bottle feed, then I’ve got the right equipment. My newborn needs small, 4 oz bottles and stage 1 nipples. I’ve also got a bottle brush to keep my bottles clean.
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1. I’ve been reading about newborn care, and I know how to take care of the umbilical cord stump. It turns out my baby’s first bath won’t happen for a while — we’ll be doing sponge baths till the cord stump falls off.
2. I read about the stages of labor and pain relief options during each one. I even know how each stage of labor is likely to affect my emotional state. (Best tip: when I feel like I just can’t do it any longer, that means labor is almost over!)
3. I’ve put the finishing touches on the nursery. If there’s any gear or furniture I haven’t already assembled, then I’ve asked my partner or a friend to put them together now.
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4. I’m having a scheduled C-section, which means I’m probably meeting my baby this week! I know what to expect, and I know how to take care of myself after surgery.
5. Like I didn’t have enough aches already, now I’ve been experiencing numbness or tingling in my pelvis. It’s caused by the pressure of all that weight. Fortunately, it’ll go away soon!
6. I’ve learned about ways to bond with my baby after she arrives. I can’t wait to cuddle her!
7. I’ve double-checked my transportation plans for when labor starts. If my partner’s not here to drive me, I have a back-up way to get to the hospital.
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is pregnant was pregnant on 218 weeks 3 days girl.
About I have 2 stepkids, Christian and Alexis. Christian isn't actually my husband's son; his dad died when he was 1 and my husband is the only father Christian knows. My husband has been in his life since he was 2. Alexis is 10 and excited for her lil sis!! :D
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I'm doing pretty good! Tiana has dropped, and I'm 2 centimeters dilated as of last week. Work is difficult; standing for 8 hour…
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1. My prenatals are every week now. My calendar is full of them — I’ve got them scheduled through week 41, just in case. My doctor also scheduled my Group B strep test.
2. I’m prepared for any emergency! I’ve put together a baby first-aid kit and emergency kit.
3. “False” labor or real? Nothing feels false about these Braxton-Hicks contractions! But I’ve talked with my doctor, and I know how to tell the difference between pre-labor contractions and the “real thing.” (Hint: if a warm bath makes it stop, it’s not time to head to the hospital yet.)
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4. I need a lot of calories right now, but my stomach barely has any space — I can only eat a few bites at one time. So I’ve adjusted my schedule to make time for 5-7 meals instead of 3. Basically, it’s always time for a snack.
5. I gave a friend or neighbor our house key and instructions on how to take care of our pets while we’re gone.
6. We finally agreed on our baby’s middle name. Whew. Ready to fill in the birth certificate!
7. I’ve got my labor plan written down, and I hung it somewhere my partner will be able to find it (even if he’s freaking out). It lists who to call, how to arrange pet sitting or childcare, and how to get to the hospital or birth center.
1. I lost my mucus plug! Labor could start any minute! I’m trying not to hold my breath.
2. We touched base with our childcare providers for older kids. Both our main babysitter and our back-up babysitter are officially on call!
3. If it’s winter right now, then I’ve learned how to safely wrap my baby to keep him warm without overheating him. My rule of thumb: baby needs one more layer than I’m wearing to be comfortable.
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4. I’ve been practicing with my stroller! I know how to fold it, brake it, and adjust the handle for different users.
5. There are plenty of things that can wait till after baby arrives, but there are two things I’ll need plenty of supplies for from day one: feeding and diapering. I’ve got enough supplies lined up and organized for a month of both.
6. I’ve been practicing relaxing and breathing techniques. Whenever I have a pre labor contraction, I use it as an opportunity to practice labor relaxation.
7. My doctor did a pelvis exam to see if I’m starting to dilate or efface. However, I know this doesn’t predict when labor will start or how long it will take, so I’m trying not to worry about it.
1. I talked with some experienced mom friends to make sure I’ve done everything I need to prepare for baby. I’m considered full-term this week, so baby could come any time!
2. I’ve talked with my religious community leader and finalized plans for our religious ceremony after baby is here!
3. I packed an extra bag of things to keep my partner and me entertained in the hospital, like magazines and crossword puzzles. I know that sometimes labor is a long waiting game.
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4. The baby dropped! I can really see how my bump moved lower in my abdomen. Also, I feel like my baby is sitting right on top of my cervix now, which is the weirdest feeling ever. I think I’m done walking for a while, other than walking from my chair to the bathroom.
5. Diaper practice! My partner and I both know how to change a diaper. Thanks, YouTube.
6. I’ve made a dentist appointment to check my gums again before baby comes. I’m hoping baby waits long enough that I don’t have to cancel it!
7. I wrote down my list of people who’ll be the first to know when labor starts and put it in my partner’s hospital bag. It includes phone numbers and emails so he can send an email and make phone calls to let everyone know when the baby is here!
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1. I’ve researched the pros and cons of home birth. I love the idea of being in the comfort of my own home, but being in a hospital makes it easier to get specialized care in an emergency.
2. How much do I want to spend on birth announcements? I’ve been shopping for birth announcements, and I’ve decided whether I want to send fancy cards, digital announcements, or just an email to everyone on my list.
3. I’ve added an important list to my birth plan: who can be in the delivery room with me. Sorry, mother-in-law, but you can’t come in till after the exciting part’s over.
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4. My partner and I decided on our plan for vaccinations. We know which vaccinations our baby will get at birth, and we’ve discussed them with our doctor and put them on our birth plan.
5. I’ve installed the car seat (okay, actually my partner did). We took it to the fire station to have our installation checked by a car seat technician.
6. I’ve learned about crib safety and safe sleep for my baby. I made sure my crib meets all safety standards, and I’m saving all the blankets and pillows for when baby is older.
7. My house is clean! — and it might even stay that way. I hired a housecleaner or a friend so I didn’t have to work around my big belly with a broom.
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