Kylie's momma at 39 weeks, yup I went to 41 weeks before I had to get induced.
    8Theresa Gould
    How did you do that extra week? I know when I went a week and a half overdue it was the longest time of my life! But he blessed me with a short labor and only one push! :)
      Thank you Linda, I tried walking a lot, Rasberry tea, sex all the advice the doctor gave me. After the fourth of July, I came back from the fireworks at the waterfront, came home, couldn't sleep felt restless, then started having contractions at 3 am, had been at the hospital twice for false alarm, the previous week. Went in when I had the contractions 2 mins apart, got admitted at 5 am at the hospital gave birth at 8:19 pm. Damn did a lot of pushing lol, but it was worth it.
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      Kylie's nap time so mom can clean and do laundry before grandma gets here.
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      I am a first time mom, gave birth naturally on July 5, 2013 to a 8lbs 5 ounces beautiful baby girl. I named my angel Kylie Shin Aye . So far motherhood for me and my husband has been a wonderful and a learning experience.