Homework is finally done and it is time for me to go to bed! Yaaay!! LOL
    Hi Fawn! Are you in school ? What are you studying? ...OR ... are you done helping your children with homework?
    Fawn... oh that is right I think you mentioned this before! Good luck in your studies! What do you hope to do once you receive your BA/BS?
    HOPEFULLY I will be able to one of a few things (or all maybe lol): 1. Work with juveniles as a juvenile probation officer/case worker and really try to help them better themselves. 2. Work in some type of a drug rehabilitation program because this issue really hits home for my family and I want to be able to help people realize the better side. 3. MAYBE, strong maybe, go to law school. We've been thinking about it, I think the main issue will be finances and me being in school for another 100 years lol.
      oh wow! Great plans!
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      Hey, mommies! How is everyone, I'm just hoping to have some adult chatter lol, nothing too serious!
      Found this picture of the Hubs and I. <3
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