Missing my son... it sucks being a working mom.
    It's not so bad, I promise!! It just seems like you had to go back to work while your baby was very young. In Canada, you can take up to 1 year of mat leave. The US mat leave policies are awful. My first baby was born in NY, and I had to beg, borrow and steal for 6 months off (unpaid). Be strong - it gets easier, I promise!
    Thanks Rinna I know it gets easier with time and I'm working so I can buy him the things he needs. I am originally from Australia and we get really good paid maternity leave there. 6 months if I remember correctly but I've been in the US 4 years now. I had 6 weeks paid thanks to my wonderful boss, but most people here in the US are lucky to get any maternity leave at all which is ridiculous.
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    Only 1 more hour at work and I can be with my baby again!
    My baby boy is 3 months old today!
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